Creating Agile Businesses with AT&T’s “Power of &”

Disclaimer: I was compensated by AT&T for this sponsored blog post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

AT&T's "Power of &" campaign emphasizes what modern businesses should know best: business agility. Only the most agile companies are capable of being everywhere at once, communicating locally and globally, and providing the ultimate personalized customer experience. Agility also translates into flexibility, allowing businesses to smoothly handle any sort of trouble the market throws at them.

But how do entrepreneurs maximize agility for their companies? The “Power of &” campaign shares a world of information with business owners; from optimizing IoT device use to taking advantage of premium cyber security, the ways in which entrepreneurs can make their businesses agile are practically limitless. AT&T’s campaign has become a major resource for business owners looking to take their companies to the next level.

But the “Power of &” campaign doesn’t only publish valuable information online. On June 14, AT&T hosted its first “Meeting of the Minds” Small Business Roundtable with Bill Rancic at RPM Steak in Chicago. I was fortunate to speak as an influencer alongside Anita Campbell and Susan Solovic. It was inspiring to meet with members from AT&T’s all-star team, including Cathy Martine, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Solutions. Between bites of great food, we discussed how agility allows entrepreneurs to make timely business decisions, which help to ensure quick problem solving. Agile businesses strive to integrate automated and aligned systems into their frameworks, reducing busywork and placing emphasis on dynamic productivity. They involve their highly-valued staff, which generates creative input and keeps staff engaged. Finally, agile businesses understand the importance of taking the time to listen and get to know their customers, which will create an environment of understanding and appreciation. The end result? Higher revenue for those companies.

In keeping with the “Power of &” campaign’s major themes, we also partnered with AT&T to give away one Microsoft Lumia 950—the ultimate smartphone for connected entrepreneurs. We’d like to congratulate Jan Warner and thank her for participating in AT&T’s movement in conjunction with Blogtrepreneur. Thanks, Jan, and congratulations!

Our efficiency to respond to nonstop change as small business owners is crucial to our success. Consistent adaptability enables us to be ready for the inevitable changes that come when managing small businesses. Our day-to-day attitudes and practices allow us to run companies that are at once elastic, personable, and evergreen. I'd like to thank AT&T Small Business for the opportunity to speak with an amazing group of dinner guests, including Bill Rancic, Susan Solovic, Anita Campbell, and others.

AT&T’s “Power of &” campaign offers a wealth of resources to both new and seasoned business owners. Learn how to “do it all” by visiting their campaign website and learning about business agility online.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by AT&T for this sponsored blog post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.