Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares Easy Ways to Create Eye-Catching Blog Graphics

First impressions are important, especially in business. Customers know within a few seconds if your company offers what they want and need, whether they come into contact via social media, your website, or your blog posts. The good news is that business owners have the means to control those thoughts. By simply adding outstanding graphics to blog posts and content, customers gain a positive impression and want to do business with your company.

If driving more traffic back to your site is important, you need eye-catching blog graphics that generate a great first impression and encourage readers to interact with and share your posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where even more people see the post. How can you create these eye-catching blog graphics? Pleasantville New York businessman Dan Doyle offers the following ideas for business owners.

Minimal Text

Graphics catch the reader’s attention without the need for words. Visuals process 600,000 times faster than a text. Give the heavy load to the graphics included with the post, whether that comes via an illustration, icon, or even a photo background related to the content. Customers pay attention to graphics even when they don’t read the words.

Consistency is Important

Choose a color, layout, and phototype for your blog graphics and stick to these choices. Consistency is key once you’ve chosen these options. Customers appreciate quality, branded graphics, and often associate professionalism to companies that offer consistency. This gives customers the impression they want as well as the ability to recognize your posts when they see them. You also get a little break when consistency is a part of your blog post graphics.

Answering these questions ahead of time creates consistency, making designs, and publishing easier on you each time you need to create a graphic for a new post.

Use Vertical or Square Layouts

The layout and size of the blog graphics capture the reader’s eye. Each social media platform displays images differently, but you can reduce worry by using vertical or square layouts on all of your graphics. This reduces any discrepancies in the image size, shape, etc.

Which File Type?

Pay close attention to the file type you save graphics because the wrong format usually sorts the image and causes it to appear grainy or at a lower resolution than necessary. The reduced graphic quality also creates a negative impression in the eyes of your customers. Save any image as a JPEG file for the best results.

Utilize Negative Space

Utilize negative space to create professional, eye-catching blog graphics that customers notice. Negative space refers to the area in the graphic located around the subject. It is empty within the image. Place text in the negative space so it’s easier to see. Daniel Doyle also suggests leaving a small amount of cushion around the image so the viewers’ eyes have a place to rest.

Strive to be Different From the Rest

Dan Doyle is an entrepreneur who quickly learned the importance of being unique and different from the other companies out there. It is that uniqueness that has helped him earn his way to the top and it can do the same for your needs. Set your graphics apart from other designers and photographers and you can help expand your brand and reach the top. Come up with your own style, whether it’s a New York ready look or something simple and relaxing.

Use the Right Tools

Daniel Doyle uses several tools that he recommends for all Pleasantville businesses and those scattered around the country. Adobe Illustrator is one of them. This customizable tool allows text manipulation, crop photos, drawing, illustrations, and more. Adobe allows you to create templates that saves a lot of time. Canva is a second option for people who are not familiar with Adobe Illustrator or who may not like the idea of a from-scratch graphic design.

Creating eye-catching graphics for your blog posts creates a positive first impression. It helps drive more traffic to your website, gives customers the initiative to book an appointment or make a purchase with you, and helps your company stand heads above the competition. Use the above information in your graphics for head-turning responses to your blog posts.


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