Double Your Website Traffic in 30 Days

Traffic is the lifeblood of every Internet business. Without it, we have no prospects and customers to speak of. So your company will have a difficult time succeeding unless you can start generating more traffic on the web.

It takes time, effort, and energy to develop and maintain an online audience. Many websites stagnate because they can’t figure out how to generate new leads. So use these best practices and tips to improve your website so your traffic begins to increase over the next 30 days.

Tip #1: Improve Website Load Times

You may not realize this, but poor website load times will scare away potential visitors faster than the Road Runner storming away from Wile E Coyote. If your layout and design is bogged down with lots of clutter, too many images, and other clunky features and outdated code, your site will load too slowly and visitors will not want to wait around for your pages to load.

To fix this problem, contact a professional if you don’t possess the skills needed to fix the bugs and errors slowing down your site. Or go through your site with a fine tooth comb, discover problem areas, and take the next steps to eliminate issues and speed up your site.

According to, creators of Retrace from Stackify, slow load times are one of the biggest deterrents to building a massive online following. You’ll never increase your web traffic if visitors can’t access your content in a matter of seconds.

Tip #2: Share Relevant Content with Your Target Audience

To attract a huge audience and double your traffic within the next 30 days, you have to create content your audience finds relevant to make their lives just a little bit easier. Not only should this targeted content help them in some way, it also has to entertain them and keep the audience engaged. Otherwise they’ll move on and find another website in your industry sharing better, higher quality content of an entertaining nature.

Create videos, share photos, and write articles providing new information about topics your audience wants to learn more about. It’s best to create as much content as you can handle, because the more you share and spread on social media, the more people will see it and the bigger your audience will be.

Tip #3: Offer Guest Posting Opportunities to Other Popular Bloggers in Your Niche

If a blogger in your niche has a large, dedicated fanbase, offer them an opportunity to write guest posts for your site. Even though they may end up building their audience by tapping into your cult of rabid followers, you’ll also potentially gain a bigger readership because their followers will read the blogger’s content on your site. Before long, they may discover more of your awesome content and become a dedicated fan of yours in their own right.

Tip #4: Write Guest Posts for Popular Blogs in Your Niche

Having popular guest bloggers on your site is valuable, but guest posting on other websites provides an amazing opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple your traffic numbers over the next 30 days. Why does this work? It works because you’re tapping into a similar audience to your own, sharing relevant and engaging content, and hopefully creating some new fans in the process.

By approaching guest blogging this way, you’ll create goodwill with other bloggers in your industry, spread positive and entertaining information on the web, and develop an even bigger fan base who regularly visits your blog.


Please use these powerful tips to double your website traffic in the next 30 days.



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