6 Hassle Free Ways To Earn Passive Income Online

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Passive Income has a nice ring to it. It conjures up the vision of sitting on a beach while still earning money without actually doing too much. That's exactly what it means! Would you like to do just that? Then you really should take a look at these proven methods which will generate a steady and reliable income, sometimes even while you sleep! Contrary to what many people think, passive income requires a certain amount of upfront investment and work in the early stage, otherwise it will not work. You will find that over a period of time the seeds that you have sown will bear fruit in the form of an income.

Credit Card Cash Back Rewards

This is a good way of getting money back for things that you would more than likely have purchased anyway. Whether you have a debit or credit card you should make sure you are getting paid to use it. Whether you pay your bills using a credit card or pay for petrol or groceries this way you should be able to earn between 1 – 5% cash back on your money. This is a great way to earn passive income. You should be sure to use a card that does not have an annual fee otherwise this might negate your rewards.

Sell Used Items On eBay

Have a clear out of all your old clothes, cd's books and even jewelry. List them all along with a photograph up on eBay and wait for people to bid and buy them. Be ruthless and you will find that you have plenty of used items to sell to other people. While there is a certain amount of work involved to keep your eBay store functional, it is possible to make a passive income this way. You can sell just about anything on eBay so the potential is huge. The market for used goods is also ongoing so you potentially will never run out of customers. If it goes big enough, you can even open your own store!

Paid Surveys

This is another easy way to make passive income online. Marketing companies are always looking for opinions about their products and they will pay you to click away and answer their questions. In return they will either pay you money or send you vouchers. Most surveys are pretty short, usually no longer than twenty minutes. While you quite posssibly will not get very rich this way, it is an easy way to make extra money online.

Write A Book

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Similar to writing an eBook, there is a lot of work which needs to be done upfront here but once you have written your book and it is ready to sell you get to sit back and earn from it. If your book is very popular you will earn good passive income online through royalties which could continue for some years. Of course, if the book really sells well you might make it into an entire series and ensure an even larger royalty.

Sell Your Photographs

Every website and blog needs photographs to make it appealing. Have you ever wondered who took them? If photography is your forte then get a collection of your work together and submit it to stock photo sites. Every time someone purchases one of your photos you receive a commission. You should create a portfolio of your work and submit it to photography websites who will either pay you a flat fee or a percentage every time one of your photos is used.

Use A Cashback Site To Shop

Just as you would use the credit card cash back systemd, you would use this in the same way. Pick a site that offers cash back and use it every time you purchase anything. This is a very easy way to generate income with no work at all. If you are not already doing this then you are literally throwing money away. Sites like eBates or TopCashBack are just two that you should register with and then use. This is an excellent example of how to make passive income online as there is literally no work to be done other than registering with your chosen site and then doing your shopping.


Whether you are looking to make a small amount of extra money or whether you are actually planning on stopping work and playing more golf while your money keeps coming in, we are sure you will be able to achieve your goal with a little bit of research, a minimal investment and work, enabling you to make an acceptable passive income online. It is entirely possible to have an income that is residual with minimal amount of work.


Matt Slykhuis