Easy-to-Follow Rules to Make your Office More Secure

As a business owner, staying safe in the office and enhancing your employee’s security in the workplace may be one of the most important things you have to handle. We all have the right to know that we work in a safe and secure workplace and that the chances to fall victims to various incidents in the workplace are slim to none. For this reason, you have to pay extra attention to your on-premise security as well as what cybersecurity measures you take to protect your employees and yourself, at the same time, from identity theft or sensitive data or document leaks. For more information, keep reading the following paragraphs.

Secure Those Smart Devices with Strong Passwords

Smartphones, laptops and tablets have to be secured with a strong password, regardless of how inconvenient a similar policy may seem in the beginning. Remember that nothing is more inconvenient than a major data breach, so implement and reinforce as frequently as possible a strong password policy. There are many online tools and tips that will help you create that killer, impossible-to-break password as well as some great tips to keep it as it is now: safe.

Be Careful of How You and Your Employees Use Those Smart Devices

Just a quick Facebook check or a quick game of Candy Crush Saga hurt nobody, right? Well, right, unless you perform those tasks straight from your work smartphone or laptop. Every time you use your smart devices for similar purposes you potentially let others have an easy entry point to your personal data and company network. Better avoid using work smartphone for similar purposes and try to make your employees understand the risks of using their work smart devices for similar activities as well.

Trash Your Hard Drives When You Replace Your Computers

A hard drive full of documents and sensitive data is a goldmine for identity thieves. So, each time when you update those computers in your office, you should make sure that all files and documents are overwritten. This is also a piece of valid advice when it comes to your copier since plenty of sensitive information might remain imprinted on its memory. Otherwise, you may be unwillingly opening the door to a major security breach. Discuss with a cybersecurity expert and follow their advice when it comes to properly ditch those hard drives and erasing information.

Adopt and Reinforce a Strict Social Media Policy

Social media and email are on their own a major security concern in many companies’ case. Make sure that all your employees and yourself as well fully understand what type of business-related information is ok to disseminate online. Once it is posted, taking it back is impossible. Your email policy should reinforce appropriate content and nothing work or business-related should ever be posted online by yourself or your employees unless it has a specific business purpose. Random pictures from inside your office building should be entirely avoided. A great sample of social media policy can be found here. It can be easily adapted to a variety of businesses and it will help you keep your business safe online.

Hire an Expert Security Team

Luckily, there are plenty of security companies in London, private ones, that can offer your company a higher security and safety standard. And fortunately for you, by collaborating with a similar company, you will have the opportunity to enjoy complete on-premise security management services. In the long run, this may be the best investment that you will ever make for your company, regardless of the industry and sector in which you activate. Besides, you will be able to enjoy the reputable services of a similar team whenever your company organizes various events and galas. Search for those experts with plenty of experience, teams that put immense emphasis on discretion and professionalism.

Security Deadbolts are a Must When it Comes to On-Premise Security

This may be another investment that you want to consider making if you want to increase the on-premise security levels. These additions will help you boost the security levels on your entrance doors. Even the most determined and persevering intruders will be kept outside by these elements and in may (MANY) security professionals’ opinion, these are necessary investments for on-premise security.

An Alarm System is Another Key Security Feature

Installing an alarm system is sometimes overlooked by business owners, but nonetheless a highly necessary one. these systems are complex for sure and they can be impressive in case of intruders threaten your businesses’ premises on varying levels. These systems detect, decide and act based on various inputs. For instance, when the motion sensors detect motion in a room, they decide if it presents a threat or not and acts on it. A security team will be most likely to help you understand better what is happening when your motion sensors detect something in the building. When you have an alarm system installed, collaborating with a reputable security team is mandatory. Security matters are not particularly a do-it-yourself kind of job so a professional team will obviously help you preserve higher security levels when it comes to your office.

Security Cameras for Extra Security

Security cameras have the amazing purpose of deterrence. They also serve as great investigation tools, but people are less likely to engage in illegal or fraudulent activities when they know that they are watched. Plus, various crimes and accidents are easier to review and the circumstances that led to those are easier to assess in these surveillance systems’ presence. You need to carefully decide where to place those cameras for full advantages and once again, a collaboration with a professional security team will come into your assistance best.

These tips and tricks will help you maintain proper security levels in the workplace from multiple points of view. These pieces of advice are easy-to-following and implement, especially if you enjoy the assistance of a team with plenty of experience in security matters. Make sure that you pay increased attention to your business’ cybersecurity matters as well.


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