Enhance Your Blog with Apture

BlogI recently came across a WordPress plug-in that really puts a bit of spice into your blog postings. In fact, this is one of the most useful plug-ins that we have seen in a long time. Apture basically allows you to insert any form of multimedia or file within your blog post very simply. Once you have installed the plug-in and signed up your account, you can interact with the friendly dashboard and can get quick access to all forms of content to really enhance your blog.

How often have you come across a blog with a lot of great content, but little other than text. As we know, we need to enhance our blog posts with images to keep the readers attention. A page which is full of only text will quickly put your visitor to sleep and you need to insert pictures, images or videos on a regular basis. Apture allows you to do this rather easily. Once you have it all configured, you simply highlight a particular keyword and Apture will automatically pop open showing you related text, images and videos. If you find something that is appropriate, a click or two and the content is inserted into your blog. It can be resized to your liking, but it’s basically as simple as that.

Now, when the reader scans your blog post, he or she can mouse over the highlighted section and a box will pop up including the video, photographs, graphics, maps, audio link or whatever you have selected as appropriate.

This is a much more interesting and much less intrusive way of prettying up your blog. We are all familiar with those plug-ins that simply pop up an advert when you mouse over the highlighted term. Apture pops up more appropriate and informative material that you hand-choose as being most likely to further interest your readers.

In addition to WordPress, Apture is available in a whole variety of versions and will enable you to present a veritable multimedia feast of pop-up links or embeds within every post that you write. You can opt to go to a location on your hard drive and find graphics, additional posts, articles, pictures, slide show presentations – basically you name it. The opportunities and options here are considerable and this solution will take a lot less time than the traditional means of insertion, through your blog platform dashboard.

One of the most useful plug-ins we’ve seen in a long time. What do you think?

Adam Toren

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