Evolving Paradigms of the Human Psyche

Being self-critical and pushing yourself to overstep boundaries for the better. Constantly double guessing one and believing that the others are a better. This is a byproduct of the ruthlessly competitive world we reside in. With changing paradigms and culture, people are falling prey to depression, anxiety problems, and even bipolar disorders. In a world full of crumbling relationships, ill treatments and being unnecessarily mean – a shrink’s appointment comes handy! Relationships are a general term being applied to those on the professional and personal fronts. There is a dagger at both ends and no solace to be found anywhere. People often resort to medicines to cope with troubles. These medicines have side effects that might damage the body in the long run including withdrawal syndromes.

Alternative forms of therapy and medication

The antipsychotic medicines prescribed are dangerous if overdosed on or if the course tampers. Harvard scientists have been on a constant pursuit to find a different way to cure psychological imbalances in changing times. It has been found out that having friends act as a trigger to keep the patient emotionally stable. Although dogs happen to be a personal favorite, there are other animals like cats, fish, and parrots, which help as well. Emotional support animal certification is required for the animal to fit into the therapy. Your therapist needs to prescribe you this treatment and gives you the emotional support letter. This makes you eligible to opt for the animals to accompany you and live with. They act as a brilliant companion and help you cope with changing trends and atrocities. It also helps you overcome your mental health disorders and take you to a different dimension.

Pet therapy and its perks

The emotional support animal is a person’s pet that is prescribed by the licensed therapist. All domesticated animal can become a person’s ESA. The only prerequisite is that the pet is manageable in the public space. Thus, if you have an ESA pet, then you can get perks of moving into a new house, which has pet restrictions. For the restrictions will be made flexible for you in this case. You will also be allowed to carry your pets to restricted areas. The pets have a brilliant grip over psychology as well. You feel stable and happy about your existence and start adapting to new changes in life.

Importance of registering your pet

If you wish to make your pet an ESA, then it will require an emotional support animal certification. This will be issued by National Service Animal Registry and will legitimize your pet. You need to check the ESA’s prerequisites to register your pet and accordingly register. Additionally, if you are a patient and wish to register your pet, you might need a written prescription from your medical professional. The disorder mentioned needs to be in tandem with the ones stated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV or V). Once the initial rounds are complete, you need to go for further screening of your pets for public behavior and etiquettes.


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