Excelling with your online marketing strategy

What’s one of the biggest concern when planning own marketing strategy? The fear of spending loads of money and ending up running marketing campaign which turns out to be a complete failure. Unfortunately, this fear very often becomes a reality and many online businessmen struggle to move their business further. And without effective marketing strategy they won’t make even a tiny little step.

Luckily, there are some verified methods in order to implement a successful marketing strategy and avoid spending a lot of money on inefficient actions. I am going to present two of them and both actually are all about gathering appropriate data from trusted sources. But in order to do so you have to know where and how to gather them. Let’s then check out the first one which is basically to find where competitors are advertising.

Spying on competitors’ marketing strategy

Spying is rather associated with breaching some rules and acting in reprehensible way. Nevertheless, in this case it shouldn’t be. I promise we won’t violate any rules of exemplary behaviour and all the data I will be encouraging you to use will come from legitimate sources. And they will turn out to be very helpful when you will be planning your perfect marketing strategy.

Actually, there are number of ways to spy on your competitors. You can spy on their Facebook ads using „Page transparency” section and finding out what paid advertising they run and what benchmark they use. If you don’t want to do it manually you can use specific tools dedicated for that such as Social Blade. Such tool also provides you with an analysis on a spreadsheet which makes the data easier to go through.

Another way to spy on your competitors is to look closer to their websites and SEO strategy. You should check how much organic and paid traffic they have, what campaigns they implement, what content they create or how is their website in regard to SEO. With tools such as Ubersuggest or Ahrefs you can check the keywords on their sites and backlinks they have. To check the traffic a tool to be used can be Similarweb.

Once you gather all the data from all the tools you can compare it all to your own efforts when it comes to your marketing strategy. Use the most beneficial channels, the most promising techniques and forms of advertising. Give your potential customers what they like and what they respond to. Because only this way your marketing campaigns will be effective.

Gathering leads’ data first-hand

Spying on your competitors is one way to go but you are also able to collect all the information by yourself. And the key to that is to have an excellent landing page that makes the visitors leave personal data which you can use to improve your marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy along with that. 

If you have a persuasive landing page of high quality the visitors are more prone to subscribe for a newsletter, free coupons or a free trial as they believe you have something interesting to offer. And if you create quite a decent form you will be able to collect valuable information from them. 

Not having a landing page in today’s digital marketing world is a serious faux pas and you cannot still do without it. Especially today when creating one takes less than an hour with a landing page builder or even less when you use a landing page wordpress plugin. All you need is some time and a little effort. And with data gathered thanks to your landing page you can improve your marketing strategy significantly.


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