Experience The World With These Top 25 Travel Bloggers!

If you are like me, you might have found yourself daydreaming at work about traveling the world.  The world is an enormous place, and there are so many thing to experience.  It can be hard to believe, but there are people that spend their days traveling the world.  Because this is such an awesome concept, we have made a list of the top 25 travel blogs to follow!goats on the road

goatsontheroad1. Goats on The Roadgoats on the road

“Turning Travel Into a Lifestyle.”

Why You Should Follow Them: Nick & Dariece went from videographers and writers in Canada to traveling the world, and they now earn more than they did                                                                       working their “real” jobs!

Souvenirfinder2. Souvenir Finder

“Was the world destined to become one giant mall, all accessible online via Amazon?”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Kristen is a New York City resident turned travel connoisseur, she now makes sure to find meaningful souvenirs from each of her trips.

JustOneWayTicket3. Just One Way Ticket

“Traveling as a lifestyle.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Sab is another world traveler whose unique writing style and informative posts, make her someone you should definitely look out for!

TravelMamas4.  Travel Mamas

“Discover the world through travel and beyond”

Why You Should Follow Them:  The majority of travel blogs you see are written by fresh out of school people who can drop everything and go.  But Colleen at Travel Mamas teaches us that it’s possible to travel the world with a family!


BucketListJourney5.  Bucket List Journey

“Dream It. Do It.”

Why You Should Follow Them: Annette is a highly successful freelance travel writer, and also a restaurant owner in California.  She loves experiencing new things, and she’s after the adventure of a lifetime!

the-poor-travelers6.  The Poor Traveler

“Traveling at any cost.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  This blog was created by two friends Yoshke and Vins.  They started off living paycheck to paycheck and they have built their way up to traveling full time!

thatbackpacker7. That Backpacker

“A travel blog offering travel tips & inspiration.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Audrey start this blog because of her love for travel.  She began by spending a year teaching English in South Korea, and soon she graduated to being a full-time traveler!

Local Adventurer8. Local Adventurer

“Moving to a new city every year.”

Why You Should Follow Them: Esther and Jacob are from Atlanta, Georgia and they have started a journey of moving and living to a new city every single year!

TheBlondeAbroad9. The Blonde Abroad

“Solo Female Travel & Lifestyle Blog”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Kiersten began in a lucrative corporate finance career, but decided to drop it all become a world traveler!  Since then, she has visited over 50 different countries!

Breathe Dream Go10. Breathe Dream Go

“Tales of travel and transformation.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Mariellen’s focus for Breathe Dream Go is all about finding travel that changes you.

Cheapest Destination Blog11. Cheapest Destinations Blog

“Tim Leffel, Author and Travel Writer”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Tim Leffel and Cheapest Destinations Blog is a great resource on how to travel to great destinations on the cheap!



TwoMonkeys12. Two Monkeys Travel Group

“Learn to live a sustainable travel lifestyle.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Kach and Jonathon have been traveling the world and trying different travel lifestyles since 2013.  They love to have a great blend of luxury and adventure in their lifestyle, so there is something for everyone!

YoungAdventuress13. Young Adventuress

“My wanderlust has only grown, and the list of countries I want to visit longer.”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Liz started traveling when she was only 16 years old.  She has experienced quite a few amazing destinations, and she has visited over 40 countries!

Alexinwanderland14. Alex In Wanderland

“Follow my adventures in wanderland”

Why You Should Follow Them: As a a New York native, Alex has always had a sense of wanderlust and adventure.  She loved learning about new places, and soon enough she set off from New York, and found a lifestyle of travel, photography, and scuba diving among other things.

EverInTransit15. Ever In Transit

“Travel & food adventures in California and around the world!”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Cassie is a food connoisseur, and she plans all sorts of trips to visit amazing destinations with amazing food!


I Am Aileen16. I am Aileen

“Here to show you how to create a life of travel”

Why You Should Follow Them:  At 21 years of age, Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines, and now is traveling the world as a digital nomad!


TrueNomads17. True Nomads

Why You Should Follow Them: Justin is a permanent nomad, and an avid scuba diver.  He has a goal of scuba diving in each and everyone of the top 100 scuba dive locations.

Hippie-inheels18. Hippie In Heels

“A glamorous travel blog”

Why You Should Follow Them: Rachel left her career in nursing and moved to the beaches of Goa, India.  Her blog has a great mix of off the beaten path destinations and also glamorous destinations.

BreakIntoTravelWriting19. Break Into Travel Writing

“Write your way around the world.”

Why You Should Follow Them: Alexa’s blog is a little different than these other blogs, but it is a great resource!  She has a huge amount of interviews and blog posts with successful travel bloggers and writers, and you surely will learn a lot!

outoftownblog20. Out of Town Blog

“Travel, Food and Lifestyle Online Magazine”

Why You Should Follow Them:  Melo is the owner of Out of Town Blog, and his passion for photography has brought him to incredible locations, and now he documents them as well!

21. Travel With Bender

“Uncovering the best family holidays”

Why You Should Follow Them: The Bender family are the owners of this blog, and they are proving to all of us that you can travel the world with a typical family dynamic.

marcello-home-head22. Wandering Trader

“Design Your Tomorrow”

Why You Should Follow Them: Marcello is a day trader with the stock market and he travels the world for a living.  He has visited over 80 countries, with many more on the horizon.

laura Travelocafe23. TraveloCafe

“Travel is a state of mind”

Why You Should Follow Them: TraveloCafe is all about the freedoms you have to explore the world and enjoy everything it offers.  I think there is definitely some great material for inspiration here!

BunchofBackpackers24. Bunch of Backpackers

“Your adventure, make it count”

Why You Should Follow Them: Manouk is the owner of Bunch of Backpackers, and she loves having a good time and exploring the world.  She is also on an epic solo round the world trip!

Thebarefootnomad25. The Barefoot Nomad

Why You Should Follow Them:  Charles and Micki have been traveling the world since 2003.  They are exploring amazing destinations with the companionship of their two little ones!

In the end, the world is an awesome place that is full of wonder!  There are so many places that you can explore, and you shouldn’t be afraid of exploring.  The world is your oyster!

Brett Ehlert