Go Hard: 4 Tech Tools For Adventurous Entrepreneurs

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. While it might look glamorous from the outside, running a business – whether small and growing or large and successful – is anything but simple. It comes with large amounts of stress and anxiety. And in order to continue functioning with this stress and anxiety, exercise and physical activity become paramount.

Entrepreneurs also have a serious need for technology. (Some would argue it’s more of an addiction than a need…but let’s not digress.) Even when they’re at the gym or on the trail, they need to be somewhat connected. The problem is that your average tech gadget or device doesn’t stand up to sweat, constant jostling, and heavy impact. Thankfully there are some durable alternatives that are perfect for those active moments in life.

4 Sturdy Tech Gadgets to Consider

Whether you’re in the gym, running around the block, hiking in nature, or playing a competitive team sport, having rugged and capable technology will serve you well. Here are some gadgets to keep on your radar:

1. CAT Cell Phone

Hate to break it to you, but your iPhone isn’t going to fare very well in extremely harsh environments. While Apple would take offense to the idea of their phones being fragile, most of us have dealt with shattered screens in the past. Enough said

What you really need is a rugged phone that’s designed to withstand drops, dings, rain, and anything else you throw at it – literally. The Cat S60 from Caterpillar (the same brand that makes construction equipment) is arguably the best on the market.

2. Tile Tracker

Are you one of those people who frequently misplace things? Are you constantly worried you’re going to lose something on a hiking trail or leave an item at the gym? With a Tile tracker, you can quell your anxiety. Just place the keychain on the item you want to track and you’re ready to go.

3. TomTom Spark 3

One of the most important and useful devices you can have when working out is a smartwatch or fitness tracker. But if you’re going to invest in a fitness tracker, make sure it can withstand the physical demands you plan on putting it through.

One of the toughest wearables on the market is the TomTom Spark 3. It features multiple sports modes, GPS tracking, route exploration, heart-rate monitoring, built-in music player, and the ability to withstand a variety of extremities.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active

Tablets are a great alternative to a computer when you’re out of the office and doing something physical. The screen is big enough to help you feel like you can stay connected, but small enough to prevent you from unnecessarily hauling around a bulky device

Not all tablets are created equal, though. If you want a rugged, yet functional tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is the way to go. It has an IP 67 rating, which means it can spend half an hour in water before any sort of damage can be expected. It can also be dropped from a height of up to five feet without breaking. That means you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands and shattering at the worst possible moment.

Get Physical, Stay Connected

There’s something to be said for disconnecting from society and forgetting about the pressure of work when you’re exercising or spending time in nature. However, as an entrepreneur who’s in charge of keeping the ship sailing, this isn’t always realistic. Sometimes you need (and want) technology with you at all times. Just make sure these devices are capable of standing up to the task


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