Has NanoBlogging gone too far?

NanoBloggingMicroBlogging brought us Twitter, and the phenomenon is sweeping the internet like a tornado. Everybody is using Twitter for socialising, making money, generating leads, finding clients, networking, joint ventures – you name it.

Twitter allows us – in very few words, to give brief updates on our status, what we’re doing, and share short, sharp pieces of information with our likeminded followers.

Just when you think things can’t get anymore brief than a Tweet, NanoBlogging is now on the scene. But is this just a flash in the pan attempt at coming up with a new and inventive way of saying as little as possible?

Sites like Adocu are taking NanoBlogging to the extreme with their one word updates. The potential flaw with NanoBlogging is that there is no human element, and not really very much opportunity for promoting a link, product or service in a single word… So I join and I want to write a Nano – and I am greeted with:

“Remember: only letters, numbers and links. But you can end it with any 3 characters.”

So I go and check out the feed, and here is what I found: @home, potato, sillyname, thinking – and oh yeah, betterthantwitter.

Betterthantwitter – I don’t think so. So anyway, getting in the spirit of things – what would you NanoBlog if you only had one word?

Me? Entrepreneur of course!

Adam Toren

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