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Time to Move: Getting Active at the Office

Sitting in the office day-after-day can get tedious (been there, done that). Do that for 8-9 hours and you are drained. Forget having the energy to hit the gym for another 45-60 minutes. It happens. There is nothing wrong with that, but that can have negative health effects. From expanding your waistline to tight hips, […]

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7 Benefits Of Using A Foam Roller

If you are still skeptical whether a foam roller is the piece of exercise equipment you need, you’d may have a change your mind after reading the many benefits of using a foam roller. In the beginning, many people thought these rollers would disappear pretty quickly and that it was just a fad…There are many […]

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On Building Muscle Wisdom

Building anything in life — be it wealth, wellness, fitness, or prowess — takes time. As a famous saying goes. “The house is built a timber at a time.” This article is about how to have the right mindset and how to think like a winner who has the patience to go through the slow […]

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Why Wear A Posture Corrector For Women?

Why would you consider wearing a posture corrector for women? It’s a good question… Our modern sedentary lifestyles, hours spent staring into a computer screen, slouching, along with plenty of time on the sofa, doesn’t help to keep our posture “nice”. Do you remember, back in the days when your parents “annoyingly” kept asking you […]

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