How Can Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Help You Protect Your Rights After a Serious Injury?

A severe injury can cause reduced earning capacity, emotional and mental stress, loss of consortium, wage losses, and expenses in the form of medical bills. All this can result in physical, emotional, and financial burdens, making the victim eligible for compensation. These types of injuries can happen at any time and anywhere. Even so, collecting compelling evidence, navigating the legal landscape, and negotiating with insurance companies for fair compensation can be stressful tasks, especially for an injured person. In this case, a lawyer can help pursue justice, advocate for the victim’s rights, and ensure adequate monetary compensation for the economic and non-economic damages.

Communicate with the Insurance Company

The most challenging aspect of a personal injury claim is communicating with the insurance company. They employ tactics like complex legal language to confuse or manipulate you. They attempt to blame the victim in some way and delay their responses. These tactics are all aimed at reducing the amount to be paid out. This is especially true in New York, where personal injury laws are quite complex. All this causes frustration, adding to the victim’s physical and emotional stress. However, hiring a personal injury attorney at Friedman Levy in New York will mean strong advocacy for the case. Further, the lawyer can ensure the protection of the victim’s rights by skillfully communicating the evidence and fighting for the case till the end.

Understands the Legal Landscape

Personal injury laws can be complex and intricate, with regulation and legal precedent varying from district to jurisdiction. This allows insurance companies to manipulate the victim into agreeing to lower than sufficient compensation. A lawyer, however, will understand the specific laws comprehensively and understand any limitations, like missing legal requirements, which need to be addressed. They know how the system works and will make sure it works in your favor. Navigating the landscape with ease, thus, allows them to ensure the protection of the victim’s rights.

Correctly Value the Claim

Determining an accurate value of the claim is vital for fair compensation for the losses. However, valuing the claim requires a thorough analysis of several factors, necessitating an attorney’s experience and knowledge for correct valuation. They will consider factors like medical costs and wage losses during your injury. Mental factors such as pain, suffering, and emotional impact can be hard to calculate but they do count. Future treatment costs while also considering the injuries’ long-term impacts will help to find how much you are owed. Therefore, insurance companies will not be able to undervalue the damages, ensuring maximum compensation for the economic and non-economic losses.

Collect the Evidence

Gathering compelling evidence is crucial for this specific claim’s success. It needs to prove another party’s negligence and the injury’s impact on the victim’s life. Without evidence, you cannot create a substantial claim that’s worth anyone’s time. While it may seem simple, gathering accident reports, medical records, witness statements, video footage, photographs, and expert opinions, among much more, can be a daunting task. An attorney, however, will have the investigative skills and resources needed to ensure timely and seamless case preparation for a positive case outcome.


Considering all that, a personal injury lawyer can prove to be a crucial resource in protecting the victim’s rights after an acute injury. They can help you navigate the legal landscape and keep you updated on your case. Their top-notch communication skills are necessary when dealing with insurance companies and they have the resources necessary to gather evidence. It’s in your best interest to reach out to a trusted legal team in your area immediately after your accident. They will do everything in their power to make sure you get the justice you deserve.


Rylie Holt