How MyCrowd Is Creating Efficiencies For Entrepreneurs And Freelancers


There are a variety of freelance platforms available in the marketplace that can help connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with vetted and reviewed freelance talent. But newcomer MyCrowd saw ways that the freelance marketplace could be doing things better – and the response they’re getting supports that they’re onto something.

I sat down with Matthew Cordasco, CEO and co-founder of MyCrowd to talk more about what MyCrowd is, how it’s different and what it was like going through the start-up process.


Matthew Cordasco, co-founder and CEO of MyCrowd


Matthew explained that he and co-founder Kirk Franzen, “started MyCrowd to create efficiencies for start-ups. We wanted to be a point solution for both talented freelancers and small businesses when they needed it.”

Part of the solution MyCrowd has created is their integration approach into the average entrepreneur’s workflow experience. Like most innovations, this came through personal frustration. Matthew founded Overstat, which was sold to Tealeaf, which was later acquired by IBM. So he was no stranger to the start-up work environment and the need as a small business for freelance talent. He and co-founder Kirk met through work together at Tealeaf and being entrepreneurs themselves, they were often frustrated with the freelance hiring process.

“When I was working on my past start-ups, I found there was something inherently clunky about having to go to a website, log-in and search for the talent I needed. For instance if I was in my Gmail account and got an email about logo design revision, I would have to open a new browser, log into the freelance site, find my designer and summarize the changes or needs. That took up time and took me out of my workflow.”


So when he and Kirk designed MyCrowd, an important feature to them was to make a browser extension that would allow MyCrowd to nest in the browser toolbar, and be accessed as a dropdown over any website or application entrepreneurs were working in already. No need to leave the page you’re on, just click the drop-down browser extension, send off the task or make the note, and go back to your work. It’s a feature that helps save time and frustration.

Matthew understands the challenges and rewards of outsourcing “as-needed” projects to great freelance talent and the process of being an entrepreneur altogether.

His own words of advice to other entrepreneur’s looking to start their own innovative company would be, “to keep a laser focus. There are lots of ideas but you’re going to need the drive and focus to stick with one and see it through all the way for success.”

And when it comes to seeing it through, that’s Matthew’s other piece of wisdom for entrepreneurs, “stick with it. It takes more time and is going to be harder than you plan. But it’s also going to be worth it. Tenacity will get you everywhere!”