How To Come Up With A Memorable Blog Name

How to come up with a blog name

A blog is a great way to share your ideas, plans, hobbies and opinions with others online. In fact, becoming a blogger is much easier now than it once was with many popular bloggers having huge followings and making a great living.

One of the things all of these successful bloggers have in common is a name or online brand they have created for their blog that is catchy, sometimes witty, but always easy to remember. This is without a doubt, one of the most important first steps in creating an online presence that attracts blog/website visitors. By following these steps you will have the perfect name for your blog.

How to Name Your Blog Using Its Theme

Here’s a simple question to get you started on naming your blog. What are you planning to blog about? The content is what your visitors will be coming back for each time you post something new. In order to attract visitors you need to pin down what it is you will be writing about. If you are going to post random things, that’s okay and you can build a theme around that.

What makes coming up with a blog name easier is to try to tie it in with a theme. For example, if you are going to blog about flowers, this would be the theme you would want to focus your overall online identity on. If you are blogging about collectible art, political issues, family recipes or how to name a blog, all of these are themes. Each of them has something within the theme you can use to create your blog name.

Listing the Theme Words

How to name your blog

For this example, we are going to say our blog is about family recipes. Since that is our theme, we would want our blog name and eventually our website domain name to reflect that theme.

When thinking about how to name a blog, there are certain elements that we would want to highlight. The family recipes are ones that have been in the family for generations and are used for making breads, cookies and other baked goods.

This is the time when you may wish to look to others and outside sources, such as ?bl??og name generator tools?, to assist with the words you may want to use.

If you are a creative person, or there are imaginative people in your circle of friends, you may be amazed at what can result from a little brainstorming. Let’s assume the input from your brainstorming efforts produced these words: baking, homemade, generational, heritage, classic and family.

From this point, a pattern may become obvious, and for our example “homemade heritage baking” jumped out so that will be our starting point.

When choosing a blog name it is not a bad idea to try to include a keyword but that should not restrict you, either. Bloggers tend to shy away from the keyword practice opting for shorter, catchier names that are used to brand their work and extend that brand to their domain name choice.

Based on this, our word choice of “homemade heritage baking” needs to be chopped up somewhat to make something fresh, short and catchy, because it’s pretty dull at this point. This is where your creative, imaginative self comes out again. A more creative slant on our initial brainstormed word list might be a title like “Loafing Around” – this has relevant terms associated with our niche, is short, catchy and memorable, so may be an option to choose as a brand. Sometimes learning how to create a blog name can be that easy.

Register Your New Domain Name

In learning how to come up with a blog name you have to be ready to protect your brand once you create it. The easiest way to do this with a blog is to register the matching domain name so you will have an identity you will be able to use in conjunction with any other online projects you create with your chosen theme.

A domain registrar is where you will want to ‘reserve’ your new blog name in a domain form. There are numerous registrars you can deal with and they are affordable and some can be packaged with added features to build your brand around including web hosting and an e-mail account. All of these elements play a role as soon as you have mastered how to choose a blog name.

Quick Review of How to Pick a Blog Name

It is sometimes difficult to just come up with a name for your blog if you do not know how to do it. The simple steps involve defining the theme of your posts, and using that theme as your initial inspiration for the blog title. As bloggers are not bound by mainstream considerations, the possibilities are endless on how a theme can be transformed into an identity.

The best blog names are short, catchy and easy to remember. Once you develop the name you want to use, you should register the domain name version of it as soon as you can in order to use it in a website and other online projects. When you know how to come up with a blog name, writing the blog posts will become even easier to do.