How to Earn a Lifetime Commission with Cloud Backup

Did you realize that by the year 2020, nearly 85 percent of the businesses in the United States will use the cloud to manage their workloads? For years, there has been a push towards cloud adoption due to how convenient and affordable it is. If you are an IT provider or technology consultant, your main goal is finding a way to serve your clients better.

Most newcomers to the world of IT support understand how important establishing and maintaining a cloud-based backup for their clients is. If you simply don’t have the tools or infrastructure to provide this service, then finding a way to outsource it is a good idea.

Luckily, there is a way you can provide clients with a cloud backup and make a commission for yourself. Read below to learn more about how to accomplish these goals with ease.

Making A Commission With a Cloud Backup

Are you curious about how to make a commission with a cloud backup? Simple, you become an online backup reseller. Companies like KeepItSafe provide a 20 percent commission to people who help them sell their cloud backup solutions.

Not only can you earn a commission, but you can also help your clients with their backup needs. Most companies who offer this commission-based program can accommodate difficult recovery requirements with ease. This means all you have to worry about is selling a service to your client that they already want. This is a win/win for all of the parties involved.

The companies that offer this commission-based program will also have a plethora of other services and software programs they can provide to your clients. Acting as the middle-man in the transaction will allow you to be the hero for your client while making a bit of money for yourself.

Selling Cloud Backups to Your Clients

Some people who work as IT professionals don’t fancy themselves as salesmen. Letting this fear of trying to hard-sell a client on a service can lead to lots of problems. Instead of trying to work up a sales pitch for your clients, simply stating the benefits of cloud-based backups is enough. Here are some of the best benefits that come with implementing a cloud-based backup.

A Great Way to Manage Business Growth

Businesses that still insist on hanging on to their physical servers are doing a disservice to themselves and their clients. As a business starts to grow, the physical servers they have may not be enough to manage the onslaught of new data. Instead of turning away business or overloading these servers, a business owner needs to embrace the cloud.

A cloud-based backup allows business owners to scale with the click of a button. This means your clients will never have to worry about roadblocks being thrown in their way during periods of growth.

A Cheaper and More Reliable Backup Option

Saving money is one of the main objectives most business owners have. With the implementation of a cloud-based backup, a business owner can save money without putting their data in jeopardy.

A cloud-based backup will update on a regular basis automatically. These automatic updates can help a business owner avoid having their data lost if they forget to back it up manually.

The Service That Sells Itself

Once you are done explaining the benefits of a cloud backup to your existing clients, getting them to invest in one will be a breeze. Most business owners will jump at the chance to offer a higher degree of protection to their data while simultaneously saving money.


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