How To Plan An Affordable Cross country Move

Moving costs can quickly add up – especially when you are moving across state lines. Along with the cost of hiring a moving company or renting a truck, there are a lot of other hidden fees that you need to take into account. With careful planning, however, there are quite a few ways that you can save money on your move, helping to keep the cost as low as possible. Here are some tips on how to plan an affordable cross country move:

1. Get rid of as much as you can before you move

If you are planning to move on a budget then you should consider moving fewer belonging. Well in advance of your move, begin going through your belongings, getting rid of anything that you don’t need. If you haven’t used an item in six months or more, you probably don’t need to move it with you. 

Take a look at your furniture, as well. Is it worth paying to move, or could you buy new furniture at a consignment shop or thrift store to replace it after you arrive at your destination? For instance, if you have a ratty old couch that has seen better days, you probably would be better off picking up a used couch in your new city rather than paying to move your current one.

2. Consider packing your belongings in a portable storage container

In the past, there were two basic options for moving: you could either rent a moving truck to drive it yourself, or you could hire professional movers to transport your belongings. Today, there is a third option. Several companies have started offering portable storage containers for moving

The concept is relatively simple. They drop the storage container off at your home before the day of your move. You then fill it with your belongings yourself, packing everything securely in the container. Once it is full, you then contact the company to pick it up and move it for you. A professional driver will transport it across the country, dropping it off at your new place. You can then un-pack it at your leisure. Once it is empty, all that you have to do is contact the company one last time to have them come and pick it up.

There are several benefits of using services like these. For one thing, they are a lot more affordable than hiring professional movers since you do a lot of the work yourself. Since a professional driver transports the storage container after it is packed, you also need not worry about driving a huge moving truck across the country on your own. Finally, you can take your time when packing or unpacking the storage container, taking a lot of the stress out of moving.

3. Don’t pay for moving boxes

The cost of purchasing moving boxes can be quite high. Even though each box may not cost much, by the time you buy enough for your move, the total amount you spend can add up.

Instead of purchasing moving boxes, consider getting them for free. Start saving any boxes that you get in the mail. Flatten them out and keep them in an out-of-the-way area so that they are ready to tape back together and use when the time comes. You can also contact local retail stores to see if they have any boxes available. Most stores will gladly save boxes for you if you ask.

Finally, consider placing a “wanted” ad on a local classified advertising website like Craigslist. Someone in your area might have a lot of boxes and packing supplies that they are trying to get rid of to clear out space.

Don’t waste money on bubble wrap or other types of padding, either. You can always wrap fragile items in bath towels, T-shirts, or other pieces of clothing. This provides essential protection without adding to the cost of your move.

4. Get help from your friends and family members

Instead of hiring professionals to help you move, consider soliciting help from people that you know. Your friends and family members will most likely be happy to lend a hand. To thank them for their help, consider ordering pizza or treating them to some other type of tasty food. This is an amazing way to show them how much you appreciate their willingness to pitch in.

Planning an affordable cross country move is all about making smarter decisions. The more work you can do on your own, the more money you can save. Instead of hiring a professional moving company, consider using a portable storage container and asking your friends or family members for help. This step alone can save you a tremendous amount of money. Don’t waste money on packing supplies, either. Instead, get them for free by saving them or asking around to see what you can find.


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