How to Start a Professional Photography Business

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Photography is fun, thus the reason for its ever-increasing popularity. Some people handle photography as a hobby, while the rest think of it as a serious profession. Regardless of how you view photography, you can make money from it. You just need to be as creative as possible.

Opening and running a photography business requires plenty of planning. You need a number of tools to make your photographs stand out from the rest. However, do not rush to buy a piece of camera, no matter how state-of-the-art it is before conducting some research. Do not come up with a website for your photography business before doing due diligence.

Come up with a Business Plan

Never ignore the importance of a business plan. Your photography business needs a business plan. A business plan is all about putting your ideas regarding the photography business on paper. The business plan gives the photography business the direction and roadmap it needs going forward. The plan must tackle issues regarding the following detail:

  1. Cash flow
  2. Competition
  3. Ownership
  4. Expenses

Photography work is full of intense competition. To make a living out of professional photography, you need to work on your entrepreneurial skills. You need to invest in being one of the best business people or owners. A business plan offers you the chance to start out on the right path, thus improving your chances of success.

Know the Financial Requirements

Knowing the financial startup requirements is central to the success of the professional photography business. To buy the best camera, you would need a financial outlay of not less than $10,000. You will require other supplies such as:

  1. Business licenses
  2. Insurance
  3. Website
  4. Accounting software

Choose between working from a Studio or a Home

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If you prefer working from a studio, get the money to pay for such a facility. On the other hand, if you consider the studio an unnecessary expense, it might be wise to begin by working from the house for some time, at least until the finances are in great shape. To avoid a situation where you rely on other people for the finances, you should begin to plan from as early as possible. Secure the funds needed to open and run the photography business for some time before it can stand on its feet. Consider the possibility of asking for financial assistance from friends and family. A loan would suffice.

Exercise Patience

If you open a professional photography business today, do not expect it to be profitable overnight. During the initial stages of the business, you may have to work a different job to ensure that your personal finances are not in jeopardy. If you are unable to meet your financial obligations, you soon begin dipping your hands into the business’ cookie jar to pay your personal bills. The additional work or employment would only be a temporary move. Therefore, calculate the time the business requires before attaining the breakeven point, which would then deliver you from working two or more jobs.

Work for a Professional Photographer First

There is nothing wrong in getting professional experience. Therefore, work under a professional photographer for some time before venturing out on your own. In fact, use this period to work on your portfolio. The portfolio shows all your prospective clients the kind of work that you are able to offer.

While working as the professional photographer’s assistant, use this opportunity to invest in some good cameras. Remember that your professional photography requires a couple of flashes and high quality lenses, as well as at least two cameras and software for editing the photos depending on what the customer requires.

Learn how to Design a Pricing Plan

A pricing plan is mandatory. You cannot run a photography business successfully if you do not know what you shall be charging your customers. After all, most customers would talk or not talk with a photographer further depending on the price that he quotes for his services. To develop a good pricing plan, calculate your worth based on each hour. Remember that one hour spent shooting photos would precede three hours spent editing all the images. Therefore, if you believe that your time is worth $50 per hour, you would need to quote a rate of around $200 for a 1-hour photo session.

Running a Successful Photography Business requires a Killer Website

During these days of ecommerce, working without a website when you want to operate as a professional photographer is highly unadvisable. A killer website attracts customers from all types of backgrounds. Use the website as the platform on which to advertise all the services that you offer through the online business. A DIY website is also good, and a good way to save money where the financial outlay required to open the business is a bit hard to come by. Organize that website into different categories. A website for a photography business must be full of professionally taken photos.

How to make the Photography Business Attractive to Customers

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Next, you need to identify ways through which to attract as many clients as possible to your photography business. Some of the strategies include the following:

  • Creating a unique brand
  • Networking
  • Being a people person
  • Devising a rule regarding friends and family
  • Using social media for brand promotion
  • Setting up a blog or vlog as a marketing tool

Other pointers that have proven highly effective for people who desire to open and operate a photography business include the following:

  1. Learning to take photos in manual mode
  2. Learning that you are more than just a photographer
  3. Exercising a lot of patience
  4. Improving your people skills
  5. Ceasing the purchase of unnecessary gears and tools
  6. Invest in branding, and reduce the investment in stationary
  7. Obtain inspiration for the photography externally
  8. Ask for plenty of referrals
  9. Invest in marketing the photography business
  10. Identify a way of earning income during the off-season
  11. Think big and outside the box
  12. Running a photography business requires plenty of organization
  13. Learn the importance of valuing your time
  14. Hire and pay a financial accountant
  15. Simplify work for all your clients

Therefore, observe the aforementioned steps and enjoy the benefits of running a photography business successfully. Identifying big mentors with whom to work is also highly advisable. Do not be afraid to start small.


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