How To Use a Waist Cincher

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Slim waists are the in thing now and everyone wants to look like their favourite celebrity who lives by the waist cincher. The frenzy started when one of Americas celebrated personalities, Kim Kardashian, revealed her true secret on how to use a waist cincher and get the wasp like waistline she flaunts every day. We all want one now and who can blame us if we can definitely get that narrow torso with accentuated hips?

As a result, the internet today is full of health experts all giving their two cent on how to use the waist cincher. While it gets a bit confusing on whom to believe, here is a general idea on how to use a waist cincher and get the physique you have always dreamt of.

History of the Corset

The first waist cincher is said to have been invented around 1500 and was mainly used as a fashion accessory. Women in the Elizabethan times wore it to accentuate their waistline and the dresses they wore. Enter the 21st century and the corset is now a symbol of fitness with a lot of fitness gurus suggesting it in every day work out routines.

How Does the Waist Cincher Work?

According to input from reputable health experts, I came to discover that all the corset does is displace fat deposit from the waist and deposit it elsewhere. This can mean travelling downwards to create a larger hip impression, or upwards translating to a bigger bust. Other physiological experts add that the corset also displaces body organs in order to achieve that hour glass shape.

This is possible because of the latex material on the corset that has a grip ten times more than your normal spandex. But who wouldn’t want such results? I would, especially if big busts, slim waists and killer waists are the new gem in beauty today. 

Slimming Down with a Corset

The real trick on how to use the waist cincher is by incorporating it with a daily workout routine. Just wearing it daily without exercising will not help, and you will probably be gasping for breath as your torso feels like it is being engaged in a massive bear hug. As corset guru Ann Chery tells all her clients, you need to have upper body strength for the cincher to feel comfortable to wear it, hence the daily workout routine.

To Succeed With Your Cincher Training, Do Three Things:

  • Find a workout routine that targets the midsection.
  • Change your daily diet.
  • Wear the corset for a stipulated amount of time.

Working out has one important rule to the game; it grows your stomach muscles. Ab muscles are important in waist training as they help you feel comfortable while wearing the corset; you can really feel constricted if you don’t work out. Secondly, exercising the midsection ensures you are left with body muscle when the fat leaves. If what is left is just a chuck of slim flabby meat, even lifting your leg to walk uphill will be the most gruesome task in the world.

A good diet plan is important because you are trying to avoid additional calories and fat intake. So you will see yourself doing a green combo on a juicer or preferring peanuts and carrots for your mid-morning snack. It helps if you consult the expertise of a nutritionist or fitness trainer to help draft the ideal diet during your waist cincher training.

Now for the big question; how long to wear a waist cincher to see real results? Ann Chery and Kim Kardashian would tell you to put in 10 to 12 hours each day and only take off the corset when the hours are over. The best part about it is that I don’t have to take off my corset after the gym; I can wear it to work, to the mall and even that evening cocktail gathering. It only takes 6 weeks to see the full results of the waist cincher, but many people see results even within the first three weeks.

Celebrities Who Have Done It

Kim Kardashian Height and Body Measurements

Still struggling with the decision of how long to wear a waist cincher? How about if we look to the celebrities for motivation? Kim Kardashian was the first crusader of the corset and she wears it religiously whenever she wants a trimmed waist. Two babies later and the Armenian celebrity can still get eyes ogling and tongues wagging. Well, Kim had a blessed physique already, true, but then there is Jessica Alba who did the corset training after her baby bump and she now looks absolutely stunning.

There is Beyonce Knowles, Brooke Burke, Chloe Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson—this list can go on. These are celebrities who discovered the secret on how to use a waist cincher and are now flaunting sexy bodies year round. This could be you as well. Just follow my guide on how to use a waist cincher and see yourself lose inches of belly fat in just 14 days! Take a look at my post about the best waist cinchers of 2016.


Jane Tomkins

I have been interested in health and fitness for many years. I have ran half marathons. I've tried various diets and recently I got more interest in waist training and cinchers after I saw the dramatic results you could get with them almost immediately.