How to Use Chicago Manual Style of Citation?

What is the Chicago Manual Style?

In Chicago manual style there are two main citing styles,

  1. Is the author-date, and
  2. Notes and Bibliography.

Author Date:

Author-date citing style is being used when writing is related to sciences and social sciences. This citation system includes an in-text citation in which the last name of the author and the year of publication are included, and all get enclosed in parenthesis. Except this, there is a reference list where all in-text citations get transferred. This list is the way to give all bibliographic information.

Notes and Bibliography:

Notes and bibliography citing style usually used when writing is related to the subjects of humanities like arts, history, literature, etc. for this, citations of sources are added in the form of footnotes or endnotes which gets accurately queued. Every note matches a superscript in the text. Except for these footnotes and endnotes, the sources also get transferred to the section of the bibliography. This system is beneficial in a way that it can get assimilated to a number of sources even to those who do not get fit in the author-date system.

Tips for Citing in Chicago Style:

Below we have mentioned tips for creating Chicago style paper which should get used when using this style format.

  • In the whole writing work, the text should be double spaced. It includes all the block quotations, entries in the bibliographic and notes.
  • Any paragraph comprising more than 100 words or having more than five lines should get considered as a block quotation.
  • No quotation marks should get used when working with block quotations.
  • Always begin the block quotation in a separate new line.
  • The block quotation should be intended away from the left margin. It can get done by using the indention tool available in a word processor.
  • The numbering of pages should be in Arabic numerals and begin with the header of the first page.

Designing Chicago Style Title Page:

In Chicago style, every paper requires a proper title. This would get done on a separate text cover page, or it can also be the part of the first page of the text.

If you are required to have a text cover page, the title should be mentioned at the quarter mark from the top of the page. It should also be at the center. Your name should get mentioned at the halfway mark of the page. You should also add information about the class and the date. When writing with subtitles, the title line should get end with placing a colon and subtitle should follow on another line. Each line placed on the title page must be double spaced.


In the Chicago citation style, there is no fixed way of presenting your heading. But you can maintain the proper level of consistency is essential. You should have a headline style for making capitalization easy. Begin subheading with an entirely different line. You should use font sizes for separation of main headings and subheadings. Maintain an accurate level of clarity at each hierarchical level. Do not end subheadings with periods.

Placing Chicago Style In-Text Citation in an Essay: In-text citations Chicago style get placed in the form of footnotes and endnotes. When you cite from any source, include a superscript number on an instant basis after the quote or the paraphrase. Add the numberings in the proper sequence. All the number of superscript should necessarily match the citation situated in the footnote or endnote. Usually, the endnotes are added on the endnote page. This page should acquire the title notes in the center. Footnotes are always situated at the bottom of the page where they get referred.


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