How to use Twitterfeed Effectively

TweetTwitterfeed has long been one of our favorite Twitter tools and is certainly one of the most productive. The guys who run it are very proactive as well and are constantly tinkering and updating its makeup. They boast 350,000 users, including the White House and recent changes to the architecture mean that feeds will be published faster than before.

In a nutshell, Twitterfeed can take your blog posts via RSS feeds and publish them to Twitter automatically or at intervals that you specify. One of the more exciting recent developments includes an integration with the tongue twisting Pubsubhubbub protocol, which promises real-time publishing of posts for those who have Blogger sites and soon, WordPress sites.

You should use Twitterfeed to provide thoughtful, informative, on point post notification to your followers. Develop a process here and don’t just blindly set up feeds into your RSS feeder, spewing out a variety of posts with questionable value for your particular followers.

You need to be sure that your RSS feed makes sense and one way to do this would be to use your Google Reader account to pick and choose which posts you want to share. If you use the Reader feature selectively you can set up an RSS feed just for these selectively-chosen posts and tell Twitterfeed that you want that particular RSS feed to be used. In this way you are hand selecting information that you want followers to see and they will come to view your creations as much more valuable.

While you will undoubtedly only post very good information to your own blog and would be delighted for your Twitter followers to see this, remember that there’s a whole lot of information out there that you don’t know about and which you will in turn find cool and worthy of distribution. Make it a point of searching every day through a whole variety of other informative and keynote blog sites using your Google Reader. By using the aforementioned Twitterfeed set up you will be able to educate yourself and be seen as the provider of top quality material by your avid followers.

Note that Twitterfeed can also automatically publish to Facebook as well and the analytics package enables you to see how many people click through. Special tags are incorporated into each post Twitterfeed publishes and Google Analytics can interpret this information to help you see how your strategy is unfolding.

Do you Twitterfeed?

Adam Toren

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