The best description of Brussels? Delightful city, steeped in great history, full of green spaces, spacious and cheap houses, quality amenities. Brussels, even though small, yet, globally formed and diversified. Hence, if you moved to Brussels because of work, you’ve made a great choice – you would experience variety and class.

If you are looking to rent a house in Brussels, you can opt for class, luxury or lifestyle dependent on your budget. Brussels is often regarded as a thriving expat destination due to its quality and luxurious standard of life. Conveniently connected to the major part of Europe and blessed with a pleasant climate. You need not bother your mind as regards job opportunities as Brussels is known to house many multinational companies with an international vibe. A total cosmopolitan destination with a blend of Flemish and French culture to give your social life abuzz.

Brussels have become home for many, as daily, folks are drawn into this city including Britons, and it has never been a wrong choice. Having to spend a few days or weeks in Brussels is very much different from living and working in Brussels. Hence, there are some things you ought to know.


Here are 5 things you should keep in mind:

  1. Brussels is multilingual: Imagine a small room with different language speaking people? This is Brussels. Brussels is known to be a base for many companies and European institutions, consequently, a lot of paths are woven into this city, explaining its multilingualism and multiculturalism.  French and Dutch are commonly spoken; however, German is also seen amongst some folks, this makes the English language the most spoken on the street to aid communication.
  2.   Brussels weather is livable: Another reason, Brussels remain attractive to many is its weather. The weather is very mild. The temperature rarely drops below freezing point, the winter is never unbearable, however, one common thing is the rain, expect plenty of showers.
  3. Know Brussels by its names: An easy way to live on Brussels is to know the neighborhood by their names, hence an important thing you must do when you move into Brussels is to tour the city, to get familiar with its streets and corners. This would help you while choosing a place to call your home too, as your home will showcase your lifestyle. While you tour, you should find Dansaert district – known to accommodate the fashionistas and arts of the city. However, it is a bit pricey yet it’s beautiful and has a direct metro connection with the European Commission, while Saint-Josse-ten-NNoodleis is known to be tucked amidst the busy city of Brussels, Ixelles is much serene and has spacious houses and green spaces. These are just three out of the many districts in Brussels. 
  4. The tax rate in Brussels is breathtaking: Wellbeing in Brussels is expensive. Though it ranks as the highest for quality wellbeing and social security, expect your salary to be split to half as the tax rate is very high. 
  5. Traffic, such a big issue: Brussels is one of the most congested cities in the world. Typically, a driver spends 41 hours on traffic in a year, this is a whole lot. However, there’s an extensive transportation system, buses and trains regularly snake the city and companies prefer to make transit easier.


The most photographed item – a statue of a naked little boy’s public indiscretion displays the humor and artistic nature of the people of Brussels. It has this charm on people to stay longer than they want to, and even though moving to a new place has its challenges, and for a place like Brussels, the culture and economic curve could bow your head for a second, in no time, Brussels becomes exciting and not just a work situation but a ride or die place.


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