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The IX web reviews are about the foremost web hosting company, which has dominated the industry for the past decade. The web hosting company, which started business in 1999, has developed itself into the leader of the industry providing various types of web hosting services including individual, small, medium, as well as large web hosting services across the world.

The company started as a small business and soon transformed into a worldwide enterprise.

Today, the company has thousands of customers from all parts of the world. It is estimated that more than five thousand new clients transfer their web hosting to IX Web hosting company monthly.

Web masters are switching over to the company for obvious reasons. It provides its clients first class web hosting service, which could hardly be obtained elsewhere in the industry. Their web hosting services are considered energy efficient and superior to those provided by its competitors.

Their customer support is the best you can find in the industry. Their web hosting services are also affordable. Their web hosting charges range from $1.95 upwards. Anybody could be accommodated by their hosting plan. It is one cost effective web hosting companies that offer high end services for its clients.

The company provides limitless domains, sub domains, as well as unlimited disk storage spaces among others for its clients. You always can get the desired web hosting arrangement that suits your needs. It is the favorite for both Linux and Windows users as many of them turn to the web hosting company. The company uses state of the art web hosting technology, data center, as well as US call center to attend the needs of its customers. It has enough infrastructures on the ground to take care of the needs of its clients.

Below is our comprehensive IX webhosting review.

IX Web Hosting Plans

The web hosting company provides different web hosting plans, which consist of:

  • Raw log files
  • Web statistics
  • Web designing software
  • Ecommerce shopping carts
  • Worldwide mail access
  • Online file manager and so on

Customers are satisfied with the hosting plan. Users have confidence in them such that if they were not satisfied they would get their money back after thirty days.

Web hosting features

The web hosting company provides three different levels of web hosting packages. They include the following:

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting

Shared hosting package

The company offers shared hosting in three different levels. Shared hosting is available in different tiers, which include the expert shared hosting, business plus shared hosting, and the unlimited shared web hosting. These web-hosting plans have different features. Expert shared hosting is the basic hosting plan offered by the company. It starts with a promotional price of $1.95 per month. It would be renewed with $6.95 monthly. Subscribers to this plan would enjoy one free domain as well as two dedicated IP addresses.

Business plus is another tier of the shared hosting plan. The features of this plan include:

  • Two free domain
  • Three dedicated IP addresses
  • Promotional price of $7.95 monthly
  • Renewal price of $9.95 every month

The third tier of the shared web hosting arrangement is the unlimited Pro. Here are some of the features of the plan:

  • It has three free domains
  • 15 dedicated IP
  • Starts with a promotional price of $7.95 monthly
  • Renewal price of $12.95 monthly

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another type of hosting plan, which is distinct from the shared hosting arrangement. There are three levels of public cloud hosting arrangement and they include the following:

  • Professional
  • Business
  • And corporate

Features available with these three tiers of public cloud hosting are different. There are various CPU cores, Guaranteed RAM, DATA transfer, SAN storage as well as different prices available with the different hosting arrangements.

Professional cloud hosting service

Here are some of the features that accompany this web hosting arrangement. They include the following:

  • Two CPU cores
  • 1 GB of guaranteed RAM
  • 300 GB data transfer
  • 20 GB SAN storage
  • Two dedicated IPs
  • Promotional price of $99.99 monthly
  • Renewal price of $160.35 monthly

Cloud hosting business plan

Here are the features of this tier of cloud hosting plan. They are:

  • Two CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 900 GB Data transfer
  • 60 GB SAN storage
  • Two dedicated IPs
  • Promotional price of $174.99 monthly
  • Renewal price of $246.55 monthly

Corporate Cloud hosting plan

Here are the features of corporate cloud hosting plan:

  • Four CPU cores
  • 4 GB guaranteed RAM
  • 1, 500 GB data transfer
  • 150 GB SAN storage
  • Two dedicated IPs
  • Promotional price $249.99 monthly
  • Renewal price $319.50 monthly

There are different web hosting options available for you when you opt for cloud web hosting package. You can choose between Linux and Windows based operating systems.

VPS hosting package

IX web hosting also offers a VPS plan. This arrangement offers a dual core server. You make a choice of disk space you can use. You also can choose your bandwidth and RAM. This package offers a full root access, but it starts with $54.95 monthly.

Apart from these different packages, all subscribers of IX web hosting plans would have full access to:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Domain and sub domains
  • Data transfer
  • As well as an email account

Whether you are using Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, you would not find it hard to integrate it to your plan.

The control panel

The control panel used by the web hosting company is quite different from panels used by other companies. Many people who are used to vDeck, Plesk and cPanel would not find it easy with their control panel. Unlike other web hosting companies, it uses a proprietary control panel. This control is very effective, but you need to be an expert to use this panel. It is not newbie friendly.

However, if you want to use blog on their platform you would be required to download CMS. Installing this plan is not difficult.

Customer support

Another important feature that makes the IX web hosting unique is it’s customer support. They provide effective support to clients through a number of channels such as 24/7 online chat, email support, support ticket, phone calls and so on. With well-trained support staff, you should not find it hard getting an appropriate response when it matters most.

They do not outsource their customer support; their workers usually act as their customer support staff. This is why they are very effective, because the staff understand the workings of the company.

Advantages of IX Web Hosting

Here are some of the benefits you can derive when you patronize the company:

  • The company offers generous and dedicated IPs for its members. This is a big advantage for those who want to access the web without their IP addresses
  • Secondly, their services are affordable. When you compare the features you enjoy with the prices they are offered, you see that you have a lot to gain from them.
  • Thirdly, the customer support is functional and effective; they are usually workers who are located onsite to find solutions to your problems. Their customer support is available in US English. This is great for English speaking customers and US residents.
  • Many people who subscribe to their plans affirm that their server is very effective as there is 99.9 percent uptime with their service.
  • The company is known for their honest business practice and that is what kept them going for the past decade.
  • They offer a money back guarantee when you do not enjoy their services within the first thirty days of subscribing to their service.


The major shortcoming of their service is that the control panel is not user friendly. It is not easy to understand.

Should you patronize IX Web hosting

It is obvious that one of the best web hosting companies available on the internet today is the IX web hosting company. For more than a decade, the company has been offering various web hosting services to clients across the globe. The number of years it has been in business is a clear indication that customers are satisfied with the level of professional service they offer to their clients.

They offer unique service at affordable costs. You can always get the type of web hosting plan that fits your business. It is one of the cheapest web hosting services available on the internet. It is not surprising that thousands of customers are enjoying their services from all parts of the world.

It is not easy to get web hosting companies that offer free and dedicated IP to its customers. Many people who want to browse without using their major IP address would find this important feature very helpful.

The uptime is about 99.98 percent, which means that your website or your blog would hardly go down. Web masters prefer sites that remain functional anytime they want it. This big advantage makes people opt for their services.

The only shortfall in their service is the issue of outdated control panel, which the company is still using. Those who know how to use the panel do not find it difficult. When you compare this simple shortfall with the great benefits you derive from the company, you would see the great benefits people derive from them. I would not hesitate to use their service and I highly recommend them.


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