Job Hunting Abroad With StepStone

We live in an increasingly global age, and that includes the job market.  Even if you fancy yourself a digital nomad, it is better to move to a new place after lining up a job. Mobile app enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that StepStone lists jobs in many different locations.  It is a great app for employers looking for job applicants who are willing to relocate.  Therefore, it is also popular with young people starting out on a European job search.

Search for Jobs in Several European Countries

It makes sense for a job app to let you refine the location of your job search, but that is not all there is to StepStone’s location function.  You can reset the location for each search.  For example, you can simultaneously conduct a search in your home town and another search in a neighboring country.  StepStone lists available positions in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.  It contains many job listings from the major cities in all of those countries.

Send Your CV from Anywhere

Mobile apps make it possible to take care of all kinds of tasks from your phone. It is easy to check your bank balance and email your boss, for example.  Most of the time, though, sending job applications requires you to use a computer, where your important documents are stored.  With StepStone, it is easy to send your CV and other important documents right from your mobile phone.  StepStone uses cloud technology to keep all of your documents in an accessible place.

You don’t have to move from city to city to find out where the best job markets in Europe are.  With StepStone, you have a mobile app that does the research for you.  You can contact potential employers and have a job offer in hand before you move.

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