The Law of Blogging – Infographic

When we talk of blogging, most of us think of followers the bloggers have, monetization strategy the bloggers use, and many more things. How many of us think of the law that governs Copyright Infringement? Therefore, more often than not we come across bloggers and websites where information has been copied, credit has not been given to actual source, defamation and so on.

Here is an infographic presented to you by Monder Law Group that outlines some of the blogging laws.

These laws are as important to an established blogger as it is to someone new wanting to make a kick start in blogging.

This infographic not just outlines the law but also details the consequences that follow if the rules are not obeyed – the most common being Copyright Infringement. Can you believe the number of lawsuits in relation to Copyright Infringement has increased from 1,983 to 5,076 in the last couple of years alone? Now that’s an alarming figure. Leave alone the lawsuit that follows, would anyone like to spend time in jail or can afford to pay fines of $250,000 per offense? I’m not trying to scare you but simply getting the message across.

Hence, if you don’t want to get in trouble when it comes to the law this is a must read for all bloggers. If we all did our homework there wouldn’t be trouble in paradise, would there?

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