Lets Go Content Marketing with this A – Z Infographic

When I first started blogging, I was searching for a content marketing checklist that will keep me on track and give me the heads up. Unfortunately, I did not find anything that would save me time.

But today, you are lucky.


Because we have found an awesome and actionable content marketing checklist that goes beyond the traditional list of just the handful of popular social media sites.

It covers content syndication, bookmarking, content curation and content marketing platforms. Furthermore, it’s an infographic which is easy to consume that has example sites where you can start with.

If you are a blogger, content marketer, digital marketer, website administrator or anyone in the online industry looking for promotional and traffic building tactics, you don’t want to skim this one.

Two of my favourite tactics that are underutilized are StumbleUpon and Medium. They are both not your mainstream platforms; StumbleUpon a social site, Medium a content creation and marketing platform all in one. There is not a lot that is missing on the list, especially for starters but you will do well to take advantage of content repurposing to get some more mileage from your old content.

There are plenty of gems on this content marketing infographic by PageTraffic team. Let us know which one is your favourite or what else you would like to add to this list?

content marketing image

Content Marketing Infographic brought to you by PageTraffic.