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Role of PhD in the Smart Economy

Education and wisdom are the backbones of this fast-paced, smart life. It requires knowledge expertise, intelligent planning and vision to build a smart economic country. The genius minds behind these achievements are the graduates with masters and PhD. It will not be wrong to say that smart people make smart economic progress. Let’s have a […]

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The Lowdown on Getting Around California

No car? No problem! Here are alternative ways of traveling around California. In the United States, most people drive a car. This is especially true outside the big cities, as locations tend to be more spread out and public transport is less accessible. It’s even more true in huge, sprawling states like California, where people […]

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Are luxury watches worth an investment?

A vintage time machine represents the status symbol and historic rarity. However, these luxury antique timepieces, for the people who know their worth, are more than just extravagant watches. They are also examples of artisanship and accuracy. And when you pick the right one, it becomes a great investment. For centuries, watches have been portraying […]

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