Montana Buffalo Bags Shares Top Publications for Online Retailers Looking to Expand in 2020

It’s a good time to be an online retailer. The recent trends have more people turning to purchasing goods electronically — there was more than a 125-percent jump in traffic from March to June of this year — which puts ecommerce businesses in a unique position to grow. Businesses like Montana Buffalo Bags, an online retail shopping site with offices located in Montana, USA, is a perfect example of the kind of business poised for success.

However, the opportunity for growth does not equal an automatic boost in sales. With competition growing online at a fierce rate, electronic-based businesses should turn to reliable resources to learn how to best take advantage of a wider potential customer base.

There are several publications of note that focus on helping ecommerce retailers improve their sales and online marketing methods to achieve growth. For example, Practical Ecommerce covers everything an online seller would want to know, from how to best make use of data analytics to focus on products that sell more to monitoring where online customers are visiting from. The publication is not only aimed at consumer-facing ecommerce sites, but also B2B sites that focus on selling to other businesses.

B2B Retailers Also Covered

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the digital B2B business sector has also seen substantial growth in the recent past, growing even faster than retail, note experts from Montana Buffalo Bags. There are unique opportunities for B2B ecommerce operations to expand, as sales grew more than 10% in 2019. One of the opportunities identified for B2B online sellers by Practical Ecommerce is offering product subscriptions to avoid having customers go through the trouble of re-ordering, which it says is also an effective strategy for B2C ecommerce.

Another popular resource for those doing business online is Multichannel Merchant, which provides useful information for ecommerce retailers and B2B specialists. One of the main advantages to this publication is the resources offered: not only are articles about how to overcome challenges in the online selling world served up often, there are also a number of useful podcasts and videos that cover a wide variety of topics from current trends in the industry to using blockchain for supply chain management.

The use of blockchain to manage supply chains, which is usually associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, promises more transparent tracking to optimize the process and reduce costs and the chance of fraud, notes Montana Buffalo Bags.

Meanwhile, Retail Dive also covers ecommerce covering a range of topics aimed at growth for subscription-based companies to how to achieve faster delivery to entice more customers — namely, ones that are expecting this kind of service driven by online giants like Amazon (Statistics show that 13% of customers ordering retail products won’t buy again from the same company if the delivery is late).

Ecommerce sites can browse Retail Dive for the latest news and trends and can also sign up for the newsletters as a reliable way to receive the newest information on mobile commerce, online marketing, and more.

Going Beyond Publications

The National Retail Federation is a highly-regarded resource for traditional as well as ecommerce retailers. The association also offers a variety of virtual events to help educate retailers about the future of the industry, as well as other useful topics for ecommerce businesses such as managing cybersecurity risks — this is particularly relevant, as cyber attacks on businesses and employees have increased during the pandemic and show no signs of slowing down, note experts of Montana Buffalo Bags. While it’s an association as opposed to solely a publication, it puts out numerous articles about topics of importance to retailers, including how retailers are growing by investing in omnichannel marketing.

Speaking of omnichannel marketing, Retail TouchPoints offers a wealth of information mostly geared to brick and mortar retailers, but also to those that have moved to online selling. Among its article categories are retail success stories, which include how an online wine-selling business has enjoyed significant growth thanks to more personalization for its shoppers, namely by using data to put the right products in front of its customers. It also speaks to how a large Canadian grocery chain managed to keep up with a huge spike in online shopping demand during the pandemic.

Econsultancy is a blog and more focused on growth for ecommerce retailers, with some resources for in-store sellers as well. Among its offerings are how some online sellers managed to stand out during the early stages of COVID-19 using targeted social ads and other techniques. For example, it notes how a cosmetics brand helped match a customer’s skin tones with its foundations completely online, even offering a risk-free period to try it for themselves. It speaks to creating enjoyable online shopping experiences for new customers, such as using quizzes or augmented reality to make a customer more likely to make a purchase. Not only does the site serve up useful articles for retailers of all channels, but it also offers online training to beef up digital marketing as well as better navigate the world of ecommerce selling and more.

For a wholly digital commerce source of information, (formerly called Internet Retailer) checks all the boxes. It has a wide variety of industry news for ecommerce retailers and also has a strong focus on those doing B2B sales in the online world. Some of the topics covered by DigitalCommerce360 include recent sales figures from the industry, who the leading online apparel retailers are, and how to prepare an ecommerce site for holiday traffic. It also offers webinars on several relevant topics such as how an ecommerce business achieved explosive growth during a challenging time, as well as industry resources such as case studies and best practices available for download.

An Opportunity To Grow

The executives behind Montana Buffalo Bags know there are big challenges to overcome currently for all retailers, including those in the apparel industry.

However, it believes that with some innovative ecommerce strategies and the right investments in online marketing methods, many online retailers will not only be surviving — but also thriving.

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