My Update

Phew! What a week this has been. It all started with the idea that I could turn the domain GolfChum.com into something really big. One week later, and loads of people are telling me what a good idea it is. Now I’ve just got to finish making the thing!

Earlier on this week, my traffic soared to 100 unique visitors in 1 day. This was primarily because I was featured in 2 Blog Carnivals:

  • Carnival of Business #13 by David Maister which highlighted my Ethical Conduct of an Entrepreneur Article
  • Carnival of Personal Finance #57 by Just Another Money Blog which highlighted one of my first ever posts for Blogtrepreneur – How To Make Money On the Net using eBay.

On the topic of earnings and Adsense, you will notice that I now have only a leaderboard in the header, and a small button in the right sidebar. I felt that my big ads were intrusive to your viewing experience, and so felt that I would much rather you read my articles rather than focus on the ads. Im now contemplating whether to completely remove the ads and focus only on Text Link Ads (aff.) which seem to be performing for a large majority of people, both through their affiliate and publisher programs. Do you think I should transition towards this?

The Blogtrepreneur Forums are slowly building up, although I am still in need of more members, so get over there and register now for free – it only takes a few minutes. My BlogRoll too has been updated, so if you want your link to be included, please email me through the Contact Page. Let’s hope I can continue this growth. Watch this space!

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