Why You Need To Develop Your Personal Brand?

Entrepreneurs are used to thinking outside the box when to create a new venture, but a great business concept needs to have a keen identity to show to the world. This identity icing on your start-up cake is your brand, and it’s most of the reason why people will pay hundreds more for a celebrity brand piece of clothing than an almost identical, cheaper one. Enter, Kanye West.

Right now, your brand is more pivotal than ever before, with the deluge of social media and online marketing playing a huge role. Your brand must have an unwavering voice which your buyers can recognize, and this voice is expected to be present, responsive, and engaging- consumers want to deal with a person, not a corporation. So, how can you create the brand that fits you and your product or service, with a resounding impact on your potential customers?

To gather all of the components, reflect on the following points:

  • What makes me unique from competitors in this sector? What are my USP’s?
  • What is my brand’s signature service/ product?
  • Do my core brand message and beliefs compliment each other?
  • Who are my target market? Do I understand them thoroughly enough? Have I created an accurate buyer persona?
  • How can I entice my customers to choose me over my competitors? How can I keep my existing customers happy and engaged with my product?
  • Is my message being promoted effectively across all marketing platforms?
  • Am I confident that my brand and its message will accurately represent me and my product, while offering value to the consumer?

Once you have produced intensive answers to these questions, you can start applying it to your brand development. From your logo to your ethical stance, to the products or services you choose to offer, your brand must be recognizable across the board to successfully maintain your brand integrity.

Whatever you develop will have a huge influence on the success of your company. With an inconsistent or absent brand, your company will appear shapeless to the consumer, giving you a very small chance of achieving a loyal customer base, as they have no merits to base your product on and no way to set you apart.

By maintaining a unique brand, you attract attention, and if you can generate enough attention with a great product or service behind it, your business will skyrocket. Too many businesses fail because they rely on the value of the product alone.

Natalie Ryder

Natalie Ryder is a digital content creator and copywriting expert, currently associated with Dilate Digital, a leading digital marketing company in Perth, Western Australia. She writes about arts and culture, holistic wellbeing, environmental issues, technology, and marketing.