The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

For quite a long time now, the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center juicer has been one of the most sought after kitchen appliances on the internet. This is because most people have realized the exceedingly great benefits of this juicer over other juicers.

The masticating style juicer also boasts of having high-end features that make it a practical preference to other types of juicers. One of the greatest aspects about this juicer as evident in most Omega J8006 juicer review articles is its unique and exclusive design. The design not only makes the juicer easy to use but also makes it possible for the juicer to extract the greatest number of vitamins by squeezing the plant fiber.

Criteria for a Great Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

The Omega J8006 juicer is simply a juicer on steroids. From its incredibly powerful motor to its exceedingly great features that include a two-stage juicing system, the juicer is perfect for all your nutrition juicing needs.

According to Omega J8006 Nutrition Center review posts, the best thing about this juicer is that besides the juicer being quite simple to use, it is also easy and time-efficient to clean after use. As such, with this juicer, all your nutrition juicing needs are met while respecting your valuable time.

Product Overview

The J8006 juicer comes with a low speed of 80rpm that is critical in many ways. First of all, the low speed protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation, and allows the juice to be stored longer (though not longer than 72 hours) without getting degraded. The dual stage juicing system helps in extracting maximum juice from leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and wheatgrass.

What is more amazing about this juicer is that you can also use it to whip soy milk, use fresh natural ingredients to make baby food, and grind coffee. It is even capable of making nut butters and fruit sorbets, as shown in the video below:

Measuring a compact size of 7 inches by 15.5 inches by 8.5 inches, the juicer has a large juicing compartment that can hold a large amount of ingredients to be juiced. Additionally, the juicer is light and thus easy to carry from one position to the other in your kitchen.

The juicer extracts more juice from ingredients than other juicers as it makes use of an auger similar to the ones used in a meat grinder. The auger squeezes juice from the ingredients by pressing them against a cylindrical mesh screen. This process helps in reducing waste because as much juice as possible is extracted from the ingredients.

Some of the quick features and properties of the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center juicer include:

  • A strong GE Ultem Auger - Up to 8x stronger than most plastics
  • Economical due to high efficiency
  • Quiet operation as it produces very little noise compared to other juicers
  • Durable since it is made of quality parts
  • Limited froth and foam formation due to its low speed system
  • A multi-purpose juicer that can be used for other purposes besides just nutritional juicing
  • 15-year warranty


Omega J8006 juicer

Based on accounts of people who have used the juicer before, it is a useful, effective, and reliable juicer. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the juicer can last for years stretching to more than a decade without breaking down.

Additionally, its low rpm system ensures that the juicer is power-efficient and does not consume much energy like other similar juicers.

This makes it easy to use and maintain even when you want to live healthy but on a budget. When using this juicer, you will hardly notice any notable increase in power consumption costs and expenses. The parts used in making the juicer are hard and thus resistant to breakages. There is also no heat build up in the juice, unlike when you leave a blender running for too long. And luckily, it is easy to clean.


There are not many shortcomings of this juicer other than the fact that it does not completely extract juice from ingredients like most users would wish.

Additionally, the plastics on the juicer’s output cups stain very easily if not thoroughly cleaned. These stains can affect the taste of the juice and may make it not appear as fresh as you would want it to be.


This juicer is a great way to amp up your daily nutrition. While not cheap, it will produce many glasses of fresh juice and other delights for you for years to come (it does come with a 15-year warranty after all!).

When you want to purchase this juicer, make sure you refer to this Omega J8006 juicer review article for the best information on the use of the juicer.

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