Omega Juicer Reviews for the Healthiest You

It goes without saying that Omega Juicers are some of the best juicers for health-conscious people in many parts of the world. This product category comes with different kinds of juicers that, if you look even cursorily, you are bound to find a juicer to match your needs.

A lot of Omega juicer reviews have been written from different points of view but this one considers some of the best and top Omega juicers and objectively compares their defining qualities to help you select the best Omega juicer to maximize your health.

Quick Facts About Omega Juicers

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Omega juicers have been in the market since 1985 and have undergone various transformations to suit modern juicer needs. They are the largest and most efficient producers of commercial capacity juicers in the industry.

The founder, Robert Leo, first spent time at a pioneering juicing company where he honed his skills and gathered the experience that is largely responsible for how great Omega juicers are.

This article about Omega juicer reviews contains the ideal criteria you should consider before investing in any juicer:

  • Speed of juicing

  • Warranty period

  • Maximization of juicing materials

  • Juice preservation period

The Top Omega Juicers Reviewed

#1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Speed: Low-speed (80 rpm)

Sold in Black and Chrome, the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is a masticating juicer that is not complicated to use. The low-speed, powerful motor processes your juice without clogging up or getting overheated or foaming.


  • 15 years warranty (this is apparently the longest in the juicer industry)

  • Low-speed processing preserves healthy enzymes, leading to longer shelf life and value of juices

  • You can expect high juice yield from this juicer


  • If you do not put the juicer on top of a towel, there will be a little noise when it is in use

Verdict: The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is a good choice for the kitchen and dining area, especially if you are big on long-lasting juices. For the full review, click here.

#2. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega J8004 Commercial Juicer

Speed: Low-speed (80 rpm)

Coming white-colored, the J8004 comes with a single-gear commercial motor. Its juicing process is dual-stage, and like the J8006 it is a low-speed juicer.


  • 15 years warranty (the J8004 and J8006 models come with this warranty)

  • Easy to assemble, use and maintain. Cleaning is a cinch too!

  • The juicer does not make noise when it is in use

  • Masticating model


  • There are no significant drawbacks to this juicer; people who have used this juicer say it is about as good as the J8006

Verdict: This is a top-rated juicer for many homes and fitness experts. You should consider it when making a decision on your new Omega juicer.

#3. Omega NC900HDC 6th Generation Nutrition Center Electric Juicer

Omega NC900HDC 6th generation juicer

Speed: Low-speed (80 rpm)

This low-speed masticating juicer comes with 5 settings adapted to your juicing needs. It automatically ejects the pulp when it is spent.


  • The larger chute, better auger and the ability to regulate the pulp pressure make this juicer an improvement on the J8006

  • It is a dual-stage masticating extraction model


  • This juicer needs a special method for handling apples, but rest assured that it will juice them anyway

Verdict: The 6th generation models are considered some of the latest improvements in the 5th-gen ones. This juicer comes with a larger chute that cuts down on your vegetable chopping time.

#4. Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

Omega VRT350HD Juicer

Speed: Low-speed (80 rpm)

Low-speed masticating juicers are the way to go, and the Omega VRT350 utilizes this to juice high-yield, high-quality and long-standing juices for multipurpose use.


  • This is an auto-cleaning model

  • The base is compact - and it does not make noise

  • It squeezes instead of grinding so it maintains the organoleptic integrity of the fruits even in juice form

  • Comes in three settings: on, off and reverse. Reverse is good for unclogging the juicer if it gets clogged up

  • Small size - good choice for small kitchen spaces


  • There are no strong points against this juicer. Any qualities this juicer may leave unaddressed are largely unaddressed in other juicers

Verdict: The VRT350 might be a little pricey, but it is a good buy if you go for it.

Watch the video below to see the VRT 350HD in action:

Ready To Make A Decision?

So there you have it! Some of the best Omega juicer models available - which do you think suits your needs? If you do not mind cleaning the juicer (especially if you are not a frequent juice maker), then the J8004 and J8006 are affordable, good models. If you want more bells and whistles, then the 6th generation and VRT350 models make for a good choice.

The Omega juicers are quite good - and have garnered accolades - so you are bound to be pleased with your purchase, no matter what you decide to go with.

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