Overcoming Setbacks

ObstaclesWe all know how rewarding owning your own business can be. The challenges are exhilarating, the success deeply satisfying. But what if you hit a major obstacle that is a defining point of whether your business succeeds or fails? Can you overcome a setback, be it a financial dilemma or a major business crisis?

Overcoming setbacks in business takes tenacity and perseverance. It means doing what it takes to save your life’s ambition and to come out of it with you and your business as stronger than ever. And it means following these 5 essential steps:

1. Believe in yourself.

Trust that your skills can overcome whatever the problem may be. Without confidence in yourself to prevail over the business dilemma, your chances for success diminish.

2. Reach out for help.

Know your limitations and when it’s time to put your trust in someone else to help you with your business crisis. There is a multitude of mentoring resources available to entrepreneurs. These current and former business owners have likely been through what you are experiencing and are more than willing to offer their expertise. Look for someone in your industry or a successful entrepreneur who has started and built their own business from scratch.

3. Take a financial inventory to determine how the business crisis may impact your cash flow or reserves.

You may need to make the tough decision to layoff staff, reduce hours, or significantly cut everyday expenses in order to meet payroll and other essential financial obligations. You might also want to notify your vendors to set up a payment plan if you are having problems meeting payment deadlines. Just know that they are temporary measures and once you overcome the setback, you can begin rebuilding again.

4. Remain upbeat and positive.

It will help you overcome the problem and reassure your employees that you have the situation under control. When possible, take some time away from the situation so you can relax and clear your mind.

5. Review your business plan.

Look for ways where you can make changes to address the setback. Evaluating your business plan will also help in establishing safeguards to prevent the same situation from occurring in the future.

All of the well-known entrepreneurs, from Donald Trump to Oprah Winfrey, have faced some form of adversity and have come out on the other end with a business venture that is stronger and more successful. As entrepreneurs, much of our experience is gained through learning and experiencing different business scenarios. It is these challenges and setbacks that make us wiser and more seasoned in our line of business.

Leave your comment on how you faced adversity and overcame the setback. By banding together and learning from real life experiences of others, we can all become better entrepreneurs.

Adam Toren

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