Massive Success With DealDotCom

OK, so that title was a massive exaggeration. But deep down I am pretty pleased with my DealDotCom performance so far, seeing as how I’ve only got 7 first-tier affiliates. This is only an extremely short post, but I wanted to know how you guys are getting on with DealDotCom. Are you an affiliate, what […]

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Glowing blogLOUDER Reviews

Around a month ago, I kicked off a competition to celebrate the launch of blogLOUDER – my own Blog Consulting company. The contest lasted for a couple of days and the response was fantastic – altogether there were 68 unique entrants who posted 112 entries altogether. The final winners of the Consulting time were April, […]

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What’s Your Best Source of Web Traffic?

When Steven from VandelayDesign invited me to be a part of his 5 day series on growing your blog, I jumped at the chance of being involved in a community project. So far, Steven and Kevin from BloggingTips have posted, with Tay from SuperBloggingTips and John from SiteFever coming up on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, […]

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Winners Of The Street Smart Book

After another successful competition here on Blogtrepreneur with 20 unique submissions to the contest to win a copy of the Street Smart Internet Marketing Book, we’ve finally got the winners. If your name is below, then party hard and wait for an email from Christine, who will ask you which version of the book you […]

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Get $25 Cash From AuctionAds For Free!

Who said that money doesn’t grow on trees? Earlier, AuctionAds announced that each new publisher that signed up with them would get $25 free. They also added that each publisher who already had an account, would get an extra $25 bumped onto their account. On top of this, the program is upping their referral commission […]

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Street Smart Internet Marketing Book Giveaway

After the success of the blogLOUDER competition (the reviews of which will be posted very shortly), I’ve decided to run another giveaway. Recently, Christine – the Project Manager for Justin Michie – contacted me regarding a new book written by Justin called Street Smart Internet Marketing. At first, I was very sceptical as usual with […]

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Thanks To August Sponsors

It’s the end of another busy month – and I wanted to give a massive shoutout to the people that have helped to keep Blogtrepreneur alive. My Text Link Ads have always performed very well for me and for advertisers, and there are finally spots emerging, so go grab your ad quick for a great […]

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