Broken the $100 Adsense Barrier

Lately I havn’t been checking my Adsense account too much as the inactivity has been pretty depressing! But today I thought I’d login to see how much I had earnt from a collection of sites. To my excitement (and relief), I finally realised that I had broken the $100 barrier for Adsense so that they […]

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The New Look YGG – V3.0

I’ve always been a one for forums. Maybe its the sense of atmosphere created by like-minded individuals who share the same passions and goals, or maybe its because between yourself and your computer – its a big internet world out there – so the extra companionship can’t hurt along the way. Anyway, there have only […]

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Tagged: Five Favourite Movies

Oh No! I’ve caught the bug again. This time its not 5 things about me, but rather 5 of my favourite movies which I prefer a lot more! Thanks Ray for tagging me, I guess I’ll step up and say (in no particular order), my five favourite films of all time: Sleepy Hollow – this […]

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Resolutions and Targets For 2007

Having thoroughly exhausted 2006, I think its time to move on and go forth with the New Year of 2007. I have big plans, small tweaks and lots more energy which I hope will help me to reach the goals that I’ll set out here. Hopefully these won’t be neglected like many other of our […]

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2006: A Year In Review

2006 was a significant year, if not the most significant year in my life as a young entrepreneur yet. Before, I was still an eBay “wheeler and dealer” looking to sell whatever I could get my hands on. I was very much an impatient person looking to get that quick bit of money or that […]

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