Welcome to Blogtrepreneur. The site is in beta, which is the web 2.0 buzz word for under construction. Please feel free to browse the site, and if you discover any bugs or problems with the site, don’t hesistate to report it to either Adnan or Matt through the Contact Page. We hope you enjoy your […]

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Go on…Share a bit of link love!

Recently, I’ve been the victim of a bit of link-loving. Well actually, victim is completely the wrong word, because the benefits of being linked too are far from horrible. At the beginning of this week, my aim was to write a quality post for Darren Rowse as part of his Blogging Group Writing Project. I […]

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The stresses of maintaining a blog

Recently, I have noticed how much pressure I have put on myself to write consistently (summarised by my last post). This increased stress has led me to doubt my blogging abilities and whether I should really continue with blogging. I asked a few people about this, including some people on www.youngentrepreneur.com/forum, who asked me the […]

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