Blogging Tools Week: Feedburner

Following on from my previous post on Technorati, I now want to cover the importance of using Feedburner for your blogging, and I feel the tools that this site offers are the most important in terms of bringing returning readers to your site. Now, I will define the most important term first, as it can […]

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Are you a naturally born blogger?

I’ve been reading a lot this week, mostly focusing on the world of entrepreneurship and business blogging, and in doing so has taken me from sites like Problogger and Entrepreneurs Journey, to many of the sites that I link to on my blog. However, what has struck me the most, are their individual abilities to […]

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Blogging Tools Week: Technorati

A few days back when I was writing one of my posts, I suddenly noticed how many different tools I make use of so that my blog can run smoothly. In fact, all the tools I use are completely free, so I’ve decided to start the “Blogging Tools Week” so that all of my readers […]

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Different ways to blog: Podcasting

You may have read more and more about the growth of podcasting today on the internet, however all that technology can seem a little complicating at times, so I will try and break some of it down so you can discover the benefits and disadvantages of podcasting. Firstly, what is a podcast? The name podcasting […]

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Google introduces Video Ads

This week, after long anticipation, Google launched their video ads for both advertisers and publishers. In the Adwords menu, advertisers can choose to use video ads now to increase the exposure of the product. For an Adsense user, how the process works is quite simple. You must firstly opt to have both text and image […]

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My Blogtrepreneuring Habits!

This week at Problogger, Darren Rowse has highlighted the need for a blogging rhythm when it comes to writing posts, checking emails and the like. So I thought I would do my own mini-version of how I divide my time up each day. Now unfortunately for me, I am not able to blog full time, […]

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What are Adbrite and Text Link Ads

If you’ve been following Blogtrepreneur for a while, you will have noticed the constant changes that I make to the site to optimize performance and to make reading my articles enjoyable and profitable! As well as adding channels to my Google Ads, I have also attempted to sign up with the publisher programs at AdBrite […]

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How often do you post on your blog?

I was reading a great post by Darren Rowse (a.k.a. Problogger), about how he spends his time blogging, and the rhythm he uses on a day-to-day basis when writing new articles. He writes: “A year or so ago I used to spend a higher percentage of the time I dedicated to blogging actually writing content. […]

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