Preparing For Christmas

So Christmas is fast approaching. By my calculations I make it exactly 1 month to this day! The festivites have already begun around me on the net and in my everyday life. This weekend Im helping my mum at 2 Christmas Parties at local schools. My Mum is a jewellery saleswoman and is a bit […]

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

On the web its important to be different. So important in fact that your livelihood hangs in the balance over it. Whether its a brand new internet auction site, or a fantastic unheard of niche that has a market craving for it, unless you’ve got a different way to lure in a fresh audience then […]

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A Day In The Life…Of Me

Phew! Im completely wacked out. Today like many of the days recently has been a killer, full of working and activity and non-stop thinking. That’s why I thought I should blog about a day in the life of me just so you could see my busy schedule and how hard it is to fit anything […]

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