Podcast Your Line into a Sea of Listeners

Hello, friends and listeners. Welcome to another episode of “Lamps and Stamps,” the only podcast devoted to a weekly breakdown of the hottest news from the lamp and stamp community. We’ve got a special show today. John Harrington, inventor of the lamp, is here to give us some historical perspective and let us know how he managed to live so long. But first, let’s listen to the latest song by our favorite band, Stamp Out The Funk. And then a short word from our sponsors.

People Love to Listen

Well, maybe no one would listen to that, but the point remains. Reading is only one way to collect information. Audio recordings are unique. They don’t require precise attention like written words or even video. Listeners can partake in a podcast during a car ride, have one playing in the background as they surf the net, or tune in as they do their household chores. Though podcasting and live-streamed audio still aren’t as mainstream as traditional radio, rest assured that they will be. Podcasts offer listeners a powerfully potent combination of portability and personal choice.


A podcast can be used to build your brand, direct traffic to a website, demonstrate your authority in your niche, and even generate revenue itself if it’s popular enough to draw attention from sponsors. Whatever your reason for podcasting, be prepared to be prepared. Speaking to an invisible crowd for 30 minutes is no easy feat. Neither is finding intriguing guests and experts to come on your show. Nevertheless, if you have the motivation, talent, and are a true expert in your niche, your podcast could potentially become hugely popular.

Formats and Routines

Begin to devise a format that you feel will be appealing to your target audience. Like traditional radio and, in fact, most media, settling into a routine is a good idea. Regular listeners will have expectations, and a tight format will help you meet them. Consider your options. How long will your podcast be? Will you do interviews? A group forum is another option that makes for lively discussion. Plan out your talking points and schedule your sponsor breaks if you have them.

Charisma and Humor

Whatever the topic of your podcast, you’ll need to keep listeners engaged by combining informative content with personality and magnetism. This is easier said than done, and it must be said again. Podcasting is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not naturally talkative or gregarious, it may not be the option for you. Make your podcast entertaining by peppering your discussions with humor. Any subject, even putatively dull topics like tax returns or the real estate market, has plenty of room for absurdity and wit. Experts and students listening to your podcast will most likely be well versed in the subject of discussion. Fill your podcast with inside jokes and callbacks that reward regular listeners.


Submit your podcast to free directories and get it up on iTunes. Of course, use your social media presence to create awareness of your podcast before you upload it, and feature your podcast prominently on your blog or website. Find another popular, relevant podcast and purchase some advertising to get the word out. Additionally, don’t forget promotion from within the podcast itself. Give regular shout outs to your website and brand, and call your listeners to action.

Podcasting is a fun way to create awareness of your brand or demonstrate authority in a niche. It allows you to be extremely creative, interact with fans and other experts, and it can be a powerful marketing tool. Do you listen to any podcasts regularly? Let us know with a comment.

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