Top Real Real Estate Coaching Services Reviews

The right kind of coaching can make a difference in your life and career. Agents and brokers who use the services of top real estate coaches and trainers are able to maximize their profits.

Working with a qualified and an experienced coach in real estate helps you to find the right path and develop winning tactics.

When looking for the best real estate training, ensure you choose a program that fulfills what it promises. Do not settle for real estate coach companies that are not time-tested.

Real Estate Coaching

With thousands of coaching programs out there, it can be hard to tell the ones that are genuine from the ones that are simply not worth it. Besides, some are more suited for beginners while others are more geared for already established veterans.

This type of coaching doesn’t always entail repeated phone calls or gatherings. It can be done through a one-off sitting or through seminars or training programs. Programs can be delivered through varieties of forms like one-to-one coaching, seminars, DVDs, and so on.

Criteria Used On These Reviews

In these in-depth reviews, I have provided invaluable information that will become fundamental when it’s time for you to make a decision. From my research, I’ve come up with the five best coaching services in the United States.

The criteria used for this selection are: fame in the market, years of experience, best business bureau accreditation, results achieved, information technology, numbers of coaching clients, commitment to enrollees, method of delivery, and the company’s overall significance in the industry.

Comparison of the 5 Best Real Estate Coaching Services

After completing your real estate education and becoming a licensed real estate agent your career doesn't stop there.

That's why getting your own coach in real estate is an important step. They help you learn new concepts and empower you to essentially do things better and differently. A critical advantage in working with a coach and taking their programs is being able to get more clients, make more sales and, of course, make more money.

The best coaches ensure good return on investment. They also teach you how to incorporate cutting edge technologies in your marketing plan, how to manage team workers and multiple offices and how to cope with daily job stress. The right kind of coach will offer you intelligent, insightful, and relevant training that shows you how to succeed.

Top 5 Best Real Estate Coaches Comparison Table



Years Operating

Coaching Clients

BBB Accreditation


Mike Ferry

Mike Ferry

41 years

2.5 million



Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry

26 years

Above 1800



Buffini Company

Brian Buffini

21 years





John Featherston

36 years




KW Maps Coaching

Keller Williams

33 years




How to Choose the Best Real Estate Training and coaching Service

Factors that Determine Your Choice

Real estate coaches are usually experienced agents and brokers who understand the needs of new real estate professionals. Some coaches are experts in real estate marketing, while others fulfill more general areas.

A good coach must:

Be an experienced real estate professional. A good coach must have a history as a successful sale’s agent and must be an accredited real estate professional. You can get this idea from the ‘About Us’ page on their website.

Know online and traditional marketing tactics. In addition to teaching agents traditional marketing, a good coach must be able to teach his clients cutting edge online marketing campaigns.

Be able to develop unique plans for each of his clients. A good coach must have the knack to come up with personalized coaching services to each of his / her clients since their needs are varied.

Be accessible. Great coaches must always be reachable and able to respond to your issues swiftly.

The real estate market is filled with a lot of coaches and coaching companies. Narrowing them down and selecting a coach that best suits your need is not an easy task.

I have carefully researched and selected these five premier and highly respected coaching companies in the industry to make the task easier for you. See why they have made it to the top on my list of real estate coaching reviews:

Features and Benefits of the Best Real Estate Coaches

#1: The Mike Ferry Organization (MFO)

Mike Ferry

Launched in: 1975
Rating: A+
BBB accreditation: Since 01/31/2013
Years of experience: 41 years
No. of coaching clients: Over 2.5 million personalized coaching calls
Coaching programs and pricing: Premier Coaching $1000 a month for a year; One-on-one coaching: $650 per month for a year; Daily 30-minute morning call: $250 a month for 6 months.

Mike Ferry has been amongst the foremost experts in estate coaching, sales techniques, training and motivation. Mike is recognized by the National Association of Realtors as an influential professional in the Real Estate industry. He makes use of customized programs like one-on-one coaching, multimedia devices, books, workbooks, reports, retreats, coaching seminars, and a good number of morning telephone calls.

#2: Tom Ferry -- Your Coach

Tom Ferry

Rating: A-
BBB accreditation: Not accredited
Years of experience: 26 years
Coaching clients: Over 1800

Tom Ferry is the founder of one of best coaching companies and the New York Times bestselling author is an influential speaker with huge online influence. He has above 2.6 million views on YouTube and over 100,000 Facebook followers. Tom Ferry makes use of part-time coaches and the latest cutting edge technology in his coaching series. This has gained him the admiration of both young and old. He is, however, less aggressive in his method than his father, Mike Ferry.

Just to have a glimpse of Tom Ferry's coaching materials and style, here's a short video on "How to Get More Appointments".

#3: Buffini & Company

Buffini Company

Website: &
Launched in: 1995
Rating: A+
BBB accreditation: Not accredited
Years of experience: 21 years
Coaching clients: Over 10,000

Brian Buffini is the founder and CEO of the company. Over the years, the company has trained three million business professionals and in recent times has built an online management system, with 10,500 subscribers. It launched its own “Buffini TV” to be used as an online training portal. The company uses in-house full-time coaches.

#4: Keller Williams MAPS Coaching

KW Maps Coaching

Launched in: 1983
Rating: 0 rating
BBB accreditation: Not accredited
Years of experience: 33
Coaching clients: 12,000

Keller Williams MAPS Coaching is a division of Keller Williams Realty International, with 107,000 agents. The company has about 1,605 one-to-one coaching agents.

#5: RISMedia


Launched in: 1980
Rating: 0 rating
BBB Accreditation: Not accredited
Years of experience: 36 years
Coaching clients: 250, 000 to 300,000

John Featherston is the founder of the company. RISMedia reaches industry professionals with Daily e-News, a monthly magazine, webinars, newsletters, and live events. Featherston received the high-status Giants Award from RE/MAX in 2015. He is also the founder of RISMedia's Top 5 in Real Estate Network® and partners with Veri Workman to take it to the next level.


Is Coaching an Unnecessary Waste of Time and Money?

In the real estate profession just like in other professions, ongoing training and motivation is not only desirable but essential. Coaching makes a difference in your achievement whether you are just starting out or already an established veteran.

Must Every Estate Agent Use a Coach?

Every estate agent needs a coach. Even those already doing excellently well need to be regularly coached just as top football players still use coaches despite the successes they have recorded. A good coach should be able to develop programs that would incorporate both starters and those who are already market leaders.

What Is a Real Estate Coach or Trainer?

Real estate coaches and trainers are more like personal trainers, counselors, drill sergeants, consultants and analysts. They generally preach motivation and hard work. A real estate coach must be able to discover ways to motivate their clients to make things happen.

What are the Criteria for Choosing the Right Coach?

Before settling down for the services of a real estate coach, try to check how experienced they are, the ideas they have to bring onboard, if their personality suits you, how passionate they are to see your dream come true, their legitimacy and their charisma.

How do I Find a Program that Suits My Needs?

There isn’t any state or national certification for real estate coaches. Some coaches voluntarily obtain accreditation from organizations like the International Coach Federation in Lexington.

The majority of the top coaches specialize only in coaching and training and not in selling real estate. Mike Ferry only sold real estate for 3 years while his son tom Ferry never did but learned coaching while working for his father as a 19-year-old.

Final Decision

Having provided you with a comparative review of the top real estate coaches, I guess you will no longer find it difficult to make a decision. By now, you’d probably make up your mind concerning which of the coaching services best suits your needs.

If you are just starting out and money is an issue, enroll with a highly respected coach from your local community which can be more cost-effective. Many of the best coaches charge bulky monthly fees in ranges of $600 US dollars! You can also find coaches online or through the National Association of Realtors University.

If you’re still unsure of which coaching services to enroll with, I would personally recommend Mike Ferry Organization (MFO). Mike Ferry is a highly-respected giant in real estate coaching and for more than four decades he has acquired myriads of useful experience. He has also worked as an agent and so knows exactly what it is like out there. You can benefit significantly from his time-tested services.


Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson has been in the real estate business since early 2000s. Presently, he works as a real estate coach helping agents and brokerages achieve their goals whilst teaching them a panoply of new technologies, office and team management and how to cope with their job pressure.