Review: Print24 for Business Cards

You probably either have business cards, or you don’t think you need them.  Either way, you still might want to consider checking out Print24.  If you have cards already, take a look at Print24’s free 250 card promotion.  You’ll just pay shipping on 250 full-color cards of great quality.  The Print24 logo is printed on the back, so why would you want these cards?  Anytime you attend trade shows, conferences, or anywhere you drop your card in a drawing box, avoid wasting your regular cards, by using these cards.  If you’re of the mindset that you don’t need business cards, that must mean you’re not attending any networking events, seminars, trade shows, or anything where you can meet potential customers, partners, and colleagues.  If that’s the case, you aren’t doing all you can to build your business, and you might want to rethink that.  In any case, here’s the scoop on Print24:

About Print24

Print24 calls itself “one of the world’s most modern printing businesses.”  And while their site could use a few tweaks, their product certainly backs up the claim.  Located in a 107,000 square foot facility about 100 miles northwest of London, Print24 is part of unitedprint.com, Southeast Europe’s leader in web-to-print.  But if you’re in the US, don’t let the fact that they’re located overseas keep you from using Print24.  With their quick turnaround times and reasonable shipping rates, you won’t notice the difference.


When you first arrive at the Print24 site, you notice right away that it’s not like a lot of web-to-print sites.  The first page is the order form, letting you get right down to business without having to search the site for what you’re looking for.  That said, there are a few frustrating features that you should be aware of.  First, be sure to register before you do anything else.  If you fill out the form without registering and try to continue, you’ll be sent to register, and when you go back to your original inputs, they’ll be gone.  Avoid the frustration and time of entering everything twice by registering right away.  The other potential frustration with the initial process is that pretty much every field is required – even “Greeting” (Mr., Ms.) and “Legal [business] form” (LLC, Corp, etc.), and if you miss something, other information drops out, so you can get stuck in a sort of loop.  Avoid this by just filling out every field.  Also, don’t enter dashes or spaces in your telephone number, because, even though they don’t tell you, that will confuse the form too.

If you get through the signup process, your reward is that you get to begin your order.  Print24 offers great pricing on flyers, business cards, calendars, labels, brochures, catalogs, and more.  One huge plus is the fact that they have very low minimums.  For example, you can order as few as 100 business cards.  Of course 500 is only a couple of dollars more, but if you want to cut down on waste and save a couple bucks on shipping, just get what you need.

You have two options for designing most products: you can upload a file, or you can use Print24’s online design platform.  The online program is great. (Note: make sure your popup blocker is off.)  For business cards, they have hundreds of ready-made designs to choose from, ranging from very basic to quite elaborate, so you’re sure to find one to fit your needs.  The WYSIWYG editor for the online design is fantastic.  You get tons of options for type styles, alignment, color, graphic editing… you name it.

Once you complete your design and submit it, you’ll proceed to checkout where you’ll be pleasantly surprised that shipping on 500 business cards is less than $6.  Total with shipping for 500 high-gloss, full-color business cards is about $26.  Not bad at all.

Bottom Line

Print24 could benefit from some changes to their signup and initial ordering process, but once you get through that, it’s smooth sailing. And since you only have to sign up once, any frustrations are short-lived anyway.  The real value is in the quality of the finished product from Print24.  The cards are good quality and look great.  Which, after all, is the whole point.


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