RevResponse – B2B Publisher Network Review

If you are like many bloggers, you may have trouble choosing from the various options to monetize your blog. Many of you are trying to use Adsense to make a few bucks but I think we might have found a better alternative.


RevResponse is a new player on the market that claims that you can profit by offering your visitors access to free business and technical resources. The great thing about this is that people love the word free and this simple word will typically lead to higher conversion rates.

Is this a viable option to monetize your site? The following is a paid review of RevResponse to see if they truly can act as another revenue stream for your blog or website.

Make Money Online with RevResponse

Most ad servers send traffic away from your site, however RevResponse pitches to the visitors that are already on your site. They have many offers including free magazine subscriptions, white papers, software trials, and even podcasts. If one of your visitors completes a registration form for any of these resources then you just earned a referral commission. Sounds easy so far.

A side benefit of this is that it adds to the depth of the information available to your visitors. In many cases RevResponse will have free offers that align with the theme of your site, giving you even more credibility to those seeking information.

As I mentioned earlier, free offers are often well received and typically produce a much higher conversion rate than offers that have a cost attached to them. It has been my experience that the exact same ad copy with the word “Free” in it will convert better than ones that do not contain that one word.

RevResponse - How

The three steps to making money sound pretty straightforward, right? It is, but I know the real question is how much can you make and how much work is it.

Payout Amounts

Unlike Adsense, where every click is a mystery, RevResponse guarantees $1.50 minimum for every qualified lead that your site produces. If you read their FAQ though you find that “you should expect to earn substantially more.” I have even been told that some leads can produce as much as $20 apiece. I must admit that makes me skeptical as I have heard the same thing about Adsense but have yet to see one.

They offer standard payment via check but Paypal is an alternative if you prefer an instant payment. I know I personally prefer a Paypal payment option as it is easier for me to track and keep my records straight.

You should be aware that like many networks, they have a minimum threshold to reach before paying out and that is $25 dollars. I would prefer they pay once a month regardless of the amount as these minimum payouts are a gimmick that many companies use to never pay their affiliates.

The facts are the majority of site owners will never reach the minimum and then RevResponse will not have to pay for the few leads that they did produce.

Ad Creatives

RevResponse - Example

They offer a wide variety of ad formats for you to select in order to make it easy to incorporate into either your website or your blog. If you are the master of the mailing list then they also have email creatives as well. To the right is an example of such a creative that Shoemoney discovered.

RevResponse have an easy to use Ad Wizard that allows you to choose your ad formats, including the ever popular 468×60 banner, 120×600 skyscraper and the increasingly popular 300×250 box. I noticed that they do not offer the ever present 125*125 which is offered here on Blogtrepreneur, and this seems unusual. I would strongly recommend that they add this size creative, as it is by far the most common size found on blogs currently today.

I did like their ad interface as it is a snap to use. You select the size and categories from drop down boxes and then you can browse through the available resources in that category. The resources include free offers from magazine subscriptions to free informational reports. Once you select your choice you have your code. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.


They offer another neat feature that incorporates their free offers into your site. They have the capability to provide you with your own co-branded website that matches your site theme almost exactly. They somehow take a snapshot of your website and use it to create a page containing their free offers.

I think this is a cool idea as it appears to be just another page on your blog, giving you the image of more authority. It won’t look like traditional advertising and this can definitely increase the conversion rate.


I have not had much time to test the concept behind RevResponse but I have to say it seems promising. I am well aware of the love affair that people have with “free” stuff and I think that will be very effective in helping you convert your visitors.

I love the minimum payout amount of $1.50 per conversion, which beats Adsense all to heck and combine that with the sheer volume and quality of information available then this seems like it has a high potential to be a good money maker for even an average blogger or website owner.

I think the concept is a winner but I would like to see a few things modified a bit for my own taste.

  • The FAQ section is incredibly hard to find. They need to make it more prominent so you don’t have to hunt for it.
  • I would also like to see them add a 125 creative size to the choices. This is far too popular of an ad size for them to ignore.
  • Change the payouts to once a month, regardless of the amount earned. Force paypal to be an option if you are worried about the costs involved with cutting a check.

These criticisms are pretty minor and RevResponse is still fairly new so I am sure they are working diligently to improve as they get more feedback. Time will tell how popular this becomes.

If you are looking for an additional income stream for your site then this might be just the thing you’re looking for, and you won’t know unless you check it out and sign up.

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