How to Start a Digital Marketing Career [Infographic]

What is Digital Marketing? Well, it’s basically marketing online rather than the traditional medium.

Digital Marketing, consists of many other components. Some of them are; Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

Businesses all over the world, know the power of the internet and are looking to invest more in digital marketing. This influx has created a huge upward demand for digital marketing skills. Combined with the shortage of skilled labour in this area, there is a huge opportunity.

Some stats to further validate the demand for Digital Marketing:

  • Did you know the demand for Digital Marketing professionals will rise by 38% this year?
  • Digital Marketing managers are paid 16% higher than their traditional counterparts
  • Digital Marketing spending will increase by 12% while non-internet budgets will decrease by 2%

The challenge is finding a good way to start a career in the digital world. Fear not, here is an elegant infographic on digital marketing skills, the average managerial salary and what blogs and certifications can get you skilled up. Whether you are a freelancer or wanting to work for an established brand it all starts with getting skilled before entering the digital marketing battlefield.

Most of the digital jobs allow you to work remotely; you can work from a remote island sipping your favourite drink as long you have the skills, a laptop and good internet connection.

This infographic was produced courtesy of Digital Vidya a leading online training provider.


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