Start Getting Paid on Time with Invoice Sherpa

Is your business struggling with cashflow and late payments? Whether you’re a solo operator, small business or doing bigger business at enterprise level,every day’s hard work can see you and your people stretched and pulled in multiple directions.

Just keeping up with the workload can be overwhelming, let alone also keeping a vigilant watch on cashflow, outstanding or ‘lost’ invoices and problem clients that you have to chase hard for payments every time they fall due.

How? Start getting paid on time with InvoiceSherpa, a complete debtor-management solution that puts your cashflow on automatic, automating your accounts receivable. It’s like having an extra accounting member on your team but without the big costs. An ongoing stream of great reviews from grateful customerswill tell you how much it’s done for them.

Integrated, Automated and Efficient

There isn’t anything to upgrade, a simple synchronization with your accounting platform andInvoiceSherpa is ready to go.It’s packed full of automated features to get you paid faster and isquickly set up and integrated with your existing accounting software.

For Accounts Receivable, follow the invoice from its generation from your accounting platform right through to payment. Late payment reminders are also automatically sent; and InvoiceSherpacan auto-collect directly form the invoice reminder via credit card or ACH.InvoiceSherpa integrates easily with major accounting systems including QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Xero, Harvest, Wave and several others.

Clients can easily access a portal with all their outstanding accounts and make payment arragements if you’ve given them that option. With payments integrated into reminders, collection is simple via popular customer payment solutions including PayPal, QuickBooks Payments, Authorize.NET, Stripe and Ezidebit. InvoiceSherpa also hosts their own payments platform which seem to be cheaper rates than the mentioned payment processors.

For subscription andrecurring payments, InvoiceSherpa efficiently combines traditional subscription software capabilities with automatic payments for invoices generated, all syncing with your current accounting software so that you’re accountent doesn’t have to be bothered.

To keep things on track, we help you manage your overall business cashflow. Balance both your cash in and cash out to maximize business performance and efficiency, again all automatically and in sync with your accounting software.

Customize for your specific business needs

InvoiceSherpa’s well-designed dashboardgives you mobile-friendly access from almost any device to acentralized loginshowing all current and past due invoices, with detailed information on each invoice. This customer portal can be integrated into your website or set up as a separate site.

The software displays information in spreadsheets and charts that help usersto easily access and work with payments. Reports can becustomized by date and a complete history of payments is also available for deeper analysis if needed.

Templates and reminders can be fully customized as required. Configure automatic notifications for varied situations such as invoice creation, upcoming due dates or missed payment dates. Set up automatic thank-you emails for payments received, while your accounting software also automatically updateseach payment.

Other great benefits include the ability in your reminder panel to schedule a ‘real person’ phone call with an Invoice Sherpa staffer, send an SMS invoice reminder, or set a reminder for internal staf fsuch as a sales team member.

Need customer support? InvoiceSherpa’s team pride themselves on our responsive and fast support, with our customers’ questions answered quickly and efficiently via email, online chat or Skype calls.

We’ve set out to change how hard-working businesses in any sector get paid on time and leverage InvoiceSherpa software to increase your cash flow. It’s all about making your accounting easier and more streamlined, freeing you up to run and grow your business.

It’s affordable, too. To meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, there are three available Invoice Sherpa pricing plans for sole proprietors, small business and enterprise. Choose the plan that fits.

Find out how we can help you to get your invoices paid. Contact us today or visit our website to set up a free trial.



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