Ten Corporate Blogs Worth Reading

corporate-blogsCorporate blogs can be dry and lack the personality of some of the independent blogs.  They tend to be far more censored because of legal and public relations concerns, too.  But they can be a great source of information on the market and other topics of entrepreneurial interest.  Here are ten “big blogs” that are worth reading regularly, even if they are written by large corporations:

1.     Official Google Blog (http://googleblog.blogspot.com/)

It’s ranked #1 on Technorati’s top Corporate Blogs, and whether you approve of Google as a company or not, if you do any kind of business on the internet, you must acknowledge this company’s influence on all things web-related.

2.    LinkedIn Blog (http://blog.linkedin.com/)

Stay on top of changes in the job market, learn how to use the LinkedIn application, read about how to use social media to make the most of your professional contacts.

3.    Whole Story:  The Whole Foods Blog (http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/)

As a pioneer in conscious consumerism and one of the most successful retailers in the country, Whole Foods’ blog combines business news infused with the unique Whole Foods philosophy, along with delicious topics on all kinds of food, wine, and environmental issues.

4.    The Chatter:  The Official Ebay Blog (http://www.ebaychatter.com/)

Keep your finger on the pulse of the most successful and popular online auction website.  The Chatter covers Ebay as both a company and a community, and regularly features some of the coolest auctions posted on the site.

5.    Check Out Blog:  The Official Wal-Mart Blog (http://www.checkoutblog.com/)

Whether you like Wal-Mart or not, this retail giant is a huge force in the retail marketplace, and regularly reading their blog can help you stay abreast of trends that inevitably occur when they make announcements.  Despite Wal-Mart being a big, faceless corporation the bloggers on this site are surprisingly personable in their writing.

6.    The Fast Lane:  GM’s Blog  (http://fastlane.gmblogs.com/)

As one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S., and in light of the major economic impact this company has had on American taxpayers in the past year, keeping up with this blog is a great way to stay up on the forces that are shaping the future of the economy right now.

7.    Future Banking Blog (http://futurebanking.bankofamerica.com)

This blog is a collaborative effort between Bank of American and MIT which addresses the future of the banking industry, and the steps that are being taken to evolve banking as a business.  If you are interested in money at all you should read this blog.

8.     Values in Practice:  The McDonald’s Corporate Blog  (http://www.crmcdonalds.com/publish/csr/home/_blog.html)

McDonald’s remains one of the most successful corporations in America, and continues to show profits even during the current recession.  But what makes this blog so unique is that it is an official corporate blog that is primarily focused on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

9.    Amazon Daily (http://www.amazon.com/gp/daily)

Amazon is the premier internet marketplace, and the official blog gives information about the company as well as product information from editors in every product category.  Customers can give private feedback to the writers or leave a public comment.

10.    The Platform:  Opinions and Insights from Cisco  (http://blogs.cisco.com)

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of networking and security technologies, Cisco’s official blog will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of a tech giant, and help you stay aware of product and financial news that will have an impact on the market.

Do you read any corporate blogs that you think are interesting and insightful?  Leave a comment and let us know which sites you like to read.

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