Ten Great Photography Blogs

10 Great Photography Blogs

Photography is a wonderful freelance career for many talented photographers. I love looking at creative photography as many of the photos tell a such a unique story. The advent of the internet has spawned a never-ending line of image-hungry websites all vying for the best and brightest pictures to draw traffic. Even if you start as just a part time business, you can still make excellent money, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll throw that corporate job to the wind and decide to become a full time photographer! Need some inspiration?

I’ve got a list of ten fantastic photography blogs that will get you excited about pursuing the job of your dreams:

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1. Chromasia: http://www.chromasia.com/

Based in the UK, this artist dabbled in photography for twenty years, but says that “it was only when I started posting images on the internet that I really began to take it seriously.” Since 2003 he has established his company chromasia, traveled around the world and won numerous awards. His portfolio ranges from portraits to the abstract.

2. Joe McNally Photography: http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer with over 30 years experience under his belt including assignments that span over 50 countries. It’s safe to say that Joe knows what he’s doing when it comes to photography. Not only is Joe a gifted photographer that shares his talent online, but he also mixes up his blog content with extraordinary writing as well. It’s not surprising that he has over 114k Twitter followers and that his fans are so engaging on his website. You’ll love it!

3. The Blackbird and the Moon Flower: http://travelstock.inebeerten.be/index.php

Freelance photographer travels around the world taking beautiful photographs which she sells on her blog. Not a bad way to make a living. There are some particularly beautiful shots of Asian art and architecture on this blog.

4. Photoschau: http://www.photoschau.de/index.php

A stunning photo blog that favors still life images in vivid color. The artist’s unique view of even the most common objects is a delight! Using organic and non-organic subjects, he provides a unique view of the world that hearkens back to childhood when everything is a brand new experience.

5. Deceptive Media: http://www.deceptivemedia.co.uk/

Texture and pattern are explored through intimate views of the subject matter often at extreme close up angles. Water and clouds feature predominately throughout this artists’ portfolio.

6. Accessible: http://www.accessible.de/pixelpost/index.php

Landscapes and natural images with an almost melancholy simplicity. The photographer uses various techniques to add an element of fantasy to the otherwise simple, everyday beauty of the subjects.

7. San Francisco Daily Photo: http://www.sanfranciscodailyphoto.com/

Proof that you don’t have to be a globe-trotter to capture amazing images; this photographer simply walks the streets of his city, snapping photos on a daily basis and posting them to his blog. If you’ve ever spent time in San Francisco, these photos will make your heart sing.

8. Made in Tokyo: http://www.fgautron.com/weblog/

Another great city blog featuring the great Japanese city of Tokyo featuring architecture, landscapes, and lots of human interest; this blog is a wonderful glimpse into a culture that fascinates millions around the world.

9. Stuck in Customs: http://www.stuckincustoms.com/

Trey Ratcliff’s website, know as “Stuck in Customs” is the number one travel photography blog on the Internet. This site gets an enormous amount of traffic and it doesn’t take long to figure out why after you’ve visited a few pages on the site. Trey promises a photo every day, and he definitely delivers, but the site is so much more than his daily upload. In fact, you don’t even have to be a photographer to develop an addiction to this site. It’s just pure awesome. You’ll see!

10. My Glass Eye: http://www.myglasseye.net/

A unique portfolio with portraits, stills and editorial shots that express the unique viewpoint of the artist; one that captures real world images in stark honesty.

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