The Benefits of Becoming an Educator

Educators work hard to affect an average of 3,000 students over the course of their career. The confidence that society has placed in teachers is important to note. These individuals are trusted to guide the future of not only the students they teach but the fields those students go into. If you are considering entering the education field, think about the type of job you want, the benefits of obtaining it, and the degree that will get you there.

Jobs in Education

All jobs in the education field carry a level of importance, as they require positive interaction with moldable minds. One introductory role in education is as a teacher assistant. As a teaching assistant, you would work under a classroom teacher to watch over and aid students on a more one-to-one level. Another ancillary teaching role is as a self-enrichment teacher. This type of teacher instructs elective subjects like music and art. If you are fine arts-proficient, this type of job may be your cup of tea. Perhaps you should counseling and advising students in a school counselor role. Higher up the totem pole of jobs in education are principals and upper administration. A principal brings together policies, people, and productivity within a school, while a superintendent does this on a larger scale across a district of several public schools. Teaching in a university or college requires much more specific expertise and passion for a subject, and obtaining a departmental head, deanship, or provost position at a university requires a passion for leading other educators and retaining students.

Benefits of Educating

What better way to leave your impact on the world than through reaching out to others daily. This is the reality of jobs in the education field. Teaching and leading are what this profession is all about. A teaching assistant provides individual support to those students who might need it. A president of a university uses their knowledge of their school and policies to implement positive changes campus-wide. At every level, educators effect changes and are a large part of the progression of society. Where would we be without our teachers and leaders? The rates of educational attainment for 25- to 29-year-olds has increased at every level. This means more young adults are out there graduating from high school, college, and even graduate school. This means more young adults are achieving dreams, accomplishing career goals, and making more money. All of these things point to successful and fulfilling lives that educators have helped create.

Degrees in Education

If you find that you have the passion for education at any level, consider what level of schooling the position requires. For instance, while recommended, it is not legally required that a teacher of early childhood education obtain a specific degree in this. Of course, if you are hoping to specialize in this field and would like the opportunity to earn more, then obtaining a degree might be worth the extra time and studying. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for K-12 teachers. This is important for learning new and specific teaching methods for different age groups, as well as the psychology of young minds. A master’s degree takes all of this a step further to advance your career. Master’s programs incorporate cutting-edge teaching methods with groundbreaking technology integration to increase classroom productivity. This type of degree can facilitate your advancement to an administrative position if that is what you are looking into. Further options for educational settings include pursuing either a PhD or a doctorate in education. A PhD program will be geared more towards generating complex and explanatory research in education. If you are interested in exploring specific aspects of the field, then this route is for you. A doctorate in education (EdD) program, on the other hand, helps you apply real-world research to real-world problems to find solutions that you can apply as a leader in an educational institution or even a business. Having leadership experience is essential for obtaining a doctorate, and you will learn so much more in management and problem-solving.

Those interested in entering the field of education can rest assured knowing that there are now online degree programs that allow students to take the classes they need without having to relocate or quit their current jobs. Such institutions are accredited and have quality educators to ensure you have all the help and support you need. They also offer unique tools and resources, such as an online learning self-assessment to help students determine if they are ready for an online program. 

Helping future leaders is more than just teaching them basic core subjects. Along the way, they must also gain the tools to help themselves lead, observe, solve problems, and have confidence. Educators at any level give these tools to students. With so many available jobs and opportunity for advancement, the field of education is a vital and growing one to choose.


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