The Solution to Invoicing

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite and least favorite subject, especially to an entrepreneur, small business, or startup: money

Money makes the business grow. We all want it. But while we are focused on earning it and not spending it, we sometimes let the records slip by. Receipts gather in a pile, haphazard invoices are thrown into envelopes or saved as drafts forgotten to be sent.

Invoicing isn’t a beautiful topic, but we need it just the same.

Don’t avoid them!

1. You got other things you have to do

Your business is growing. You don’t have time to search the internet looking for formats and outlines to follow and signing up for expensive accounts to create simple invoices. And what if you want more than invoices? What if you want receipts and estimates? Then you have to somehow convert them and keep a record. That’s a lot of shuffling.

2. It’s plain

Everyone agrees that marketing is an important business aspect. Capturing the attention of customers has its benefits. This takes precedence over the look of your invoice.

3. Collecting payment is a hassle

Will it be paid online? If so, by which service? How can you incorporate the service into your invoice?

The Solution

1. Create an invoice in 30 seconds

Yes, it’s that easy. Through Invoice Home, you can have a beautiful clear concise invoice in seconds. There are over 100 free Invoice templates at your disposal and to top it off, an option to add your own logo from either our free options or one of your own creation.

And when you need to convert it into another document- it is just one click away. Click on any of the other options under “switch to” and there is your new document.

At the end, waste no time calculating all of them and looking through all of them. Simply click “Go to Reports” and you can see what has been paid or not. All these have the option of downloading them into a pdf or an excel spreadsheet for your personal records or further accounting.

2. 100 Free Templates

Yes, you heard us right. Over 100 free templates at your disposal. They range from Western to Military to Workbook, from black to blue to yellow colors. You are more than welcome to select the Classic White template with the standard grid, but you are also more than welcome to select The Sixties Green or any other invoice template that will make your company shine.

3. Payments as easy as breathing

Invoice Home has teamed up with Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Paypal as payment gateways to making receival of payments easier. Just simple connect to one of the gateways and it will be attached to the invoice. Don’t worry, you can even send the whole thing through the website to your client and all they have to do is click on the link provided. Easy.

Invoice Home- letting you do what you do best!



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