Top 5 Budget-Friendly Gifts Entrepreneurs Can Give to Their Loved Ones

Summer season is here along with celebrations like Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. You surely want to celebrate these with your loved ones, but we know the life becomes so busy when you start your new business or try to make your business grow. Therefore, you may not have proper time to decide a perfect gift for your loved ones! To help you in this situation, here are our top 5 summer gifts that will surely bring a smile on the receiver’s face, and the best part is that they are light on your pocket too.

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1. Emoji Pillows

Emojis are trending these days. Emoji themed parties, phone covers, stickers, shirts, and now emojis come in cute stuffed pillows too. Bright yellow pillows with adorable emoji faces can revamp a bedroom’s look. They are not just loved by kids, but also by the grownups. These cuddly pillows come in various shapes (depending on the type of emoji) and sizes at reasonable prices. They make for a wonderful present at birthdays and friendship day. Emoji pillows are just the right gift for a hobbyist who loves collecting emoji-inspired items. They also work as souvenirs so that your special ones can remember you with something.

2. Cotton Teepee Tents

Do you have any junior in the family whose birthday is coming up? Encourage his summer activities by gifting a cotton teepee tent. Despite of the hot weather, teepee tents encourage children to play outside and have their own tea and pool parties. Teepee tents are covered in printed cotton cloth and the prints are available in a variety of styles and colors. The cotton stuff prevents from overheating in the sun. These tents are inexpensive ways to promote outdoor activities of children, and their parents will love you for giving such a creative gift.

3. Classic Shades

Everyone uses shades during summers, so why not gift some cool shades to your loved ones if they don’t have any. You can even gift a pair to your dad on Father’s Day. Shades protect the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sunlight while keeping your style intact. It is a handy, chic and inexpensive gift.

4. Spring Fragrances: Cologne and Perfumes

The most commonly used products in summers are luscious scents that come in the form of cologne (for men), deodorants, body sprays and perfumes (for women). They are a pretty handy and sophisticated gift for al genders. Sweet scents kill the body stench caused by sweating. Deodorants and other body sprays have anti-bacterial properties and eliminate germs that cause itching and redness. Perfumed sets are also easily available that consist of scented lotions, shower gels and hand creams. Smelling good creates a positive impression on others. So, gift these items to anyone and they will be very pleased.

5. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets depict thoughtfulness and affection. They can be customized according to will. You can fill as much as you desire and then decoration it. They can be filled with someone’s favorite flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, homemade baked goods, beauty products, candies and other assortments. The baskets can be decorated using ribbons, cut outs and artificial flowers. You can be as creative as you like with the gift baskets.



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