Top 5 Ways to Increase Your On-Site Seo

Congratulations! You found out that your website can be #1 on Google just by mastering your SEO skills. Google uses a search engine algorithm that not only rate the relevance of your keywords on pages but also the meta data in relation to a user’s search terms. Getting people to stay on your website and interact with your content can really boost your website’s ranking. Using keywords to get visitors to click through to your site is only half of the real story. In this article we will be explaining the 5 different ways to increase your on-site SEO and knowing these 5 ways will help you improve your website usability to boost SEO ranking which is really why you came to this page in the first place!

1. Upgrade your content

One of the biggest and most helpful things you can do for your website is to upgrade your content. Google loves a website that keeps all their information fresh and more useful for people. That’s really why Google has so many different search engine algorithms because they want to provide the best quality websites when people look anything up. If you have a lot of content and have worked for years trying to make this content and you have a couple rankings on Google that means Google likes quality work. It will be a million times better if you were to retouch some old content and add updates. I spoke to Mack Dudayev who is the founder of InsureChance, an online insurance marketplace and he said by simply updating their content that was lurking on second page of google they were able to get it to the first page much quicker in comparison to creating new posts. Go crazy and add some infographics because infographics are the way to go right now, if you could save a reader time from reading a long article just by a colorful infographic then Google will give you a lot of points and you will rank higher. Simply go into your old content and add some useful information maybe something you found out later and could add into the content to liven it up a little bit because every little thing that you re-vamp on your website Google will love!

2. Use subheadings

You should be inclined to using subtitles when writing any piece on your website because it will make the presentation look a million times better. When you decide to add subheadings into your blogs you should consult a couple of tools that can help you search for queries that can compliment your article. For example, you should use Google AdWords, this is a fantastic keyword finder. Using this tool you can type in your keywords and see how many people search for those keywords and you can take some of those keywords and make them your subheadings. Doing this will make you rank higher just by hitting some searched keywords. Another great tool to use can be Ubersuggest which is filled with helpful keyword suggestions to help you expand your chances of getting ranked higher.

3. Fix your web load speed

If you believe your website runs a little bit slower on an iPhone versus a computer then you need to fix this problem ASAP. Since phones and tablets are being used more and more everyday you will need to step up your game and have your website running as quick as your mind because Google will knock you down a couple rankings if your website is not up to par. You can either speak to your web developer to compress large images (which can cause a page to go slow) and update codes to make sure your page is quick. Or you can simply use a tool that can show you how fast each page of your website loads such as Google Page Speed Insights ( ) this tool is free and it will give you a page load score out of 100. This way you can see how well your load speed compares to other sites.

4. Use outbound links

Outbound links are basically links that are meant to take you elsewhere. These links will direct you from one place to another specific webpage. Another way you can get ranked higher and quicker by Google is by keeping in touch with other sources and linking them to your page or vice versa. This is a natural way to obtain links and it will build a bigger crowd simply by connecting websites with outbound links. You should add outbound links to both your old and new posts but you should try to stick to helpful resources that you think your audience will find useful. You don’t want to have a mom looking for ballet shoes for her daughter redirected to your NFL jersey website. Most top-ranking posts have a good mix of outbound links in their content.

5. Add videos like crazy

You should always want to improve the quality and appearance of your website so this may just be old news to you but the more helpful you are to your customers the more Google will rank you. Adding infographics and useful information will make you rank super high but adding a video will link Youtube to your website and in Youtube you can add a couple links to link people to your website and Google loves Youtubers. Just because of the fact that people are prone to click a quick how-to video on Youtube then they are to read a ten page article about one simple question. This video can be short and to the point because people love quick answers. Remember that the longer people stay on your page the more it will help as a ranking factor.

In summary, to keep up with Google and their never ending updates you should always stick to natural and quality work. Google has made so many updates since they were created and that is why they are a #1 search engine website, they do that to rock the cheaters off the boat. If you do all your SEO clean and natural then you won’t have anything to worry about but if you are paying for links like crazy and trying to underhand Google to get ranked higher and quicker Google will find out and your website won't get ranked high. Don’t get on Google’s bad side and follow these 5 simple steps to increase your on-site SEO.



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